Nuclear Science Series: Radiochemistry

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This collection features reports from the National Research Council's Subcommittee on Radiochemistry (1959 onwards).


National Academy of Sciences:  provided permission to scan reports
CST division at the Laboratory (Rebecca M. Chamberlin):  provided funding; loaned volumes for scanning

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Early volumes

The Subcommittee on Radiochemistry is one of a number of subcommittees working under the Committee on Nuclear Science within the National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council. Its members represent government, industrial, and university laboratories in the areas of nuclear chemistry and analytical chemistry.

The Subcommittee has concerned itself with those areas of nuclear science which involve the chemist, such as the collection and distribution of radiochemical procedures, the establishment of specifications for radiochemically pure reagents, the problems of stockpiling uncontaminated materials, the availability of cyclotron time for service irradiations, the place of radiochemistry in the undergraduate college program, etc.

This series of monographs has grown out of the need for up-to-date compilations of radiochemical information and procedures. The Subcommittee has endeavored to present a series which will be of maximum use to the working scientist and which contains the latest available information. Each monograph collects in one volume the pertinent information required for radiochemical work with an individual element or a group of closely related elements.

An expert in the radiochemistry of the particular element has written the monograph, following a standard format developed by the Subcommittee. The Atomic Energy Commission has sponsored the printing of the series.

The Subcommittee is confident these publications will be useful not only to the radiochemist but also to the research worker in other fields such as physics, biochemistry or medicine who wishes to use radiochemical techniques to solve a specific problem.

W. Wayne Meinke, Chairman
Subcommittee on Radiochemistry

Later volumes

The Committee on Nuclear and Radiochemistry is one of a number of committees working under the Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology of the Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Resources of the National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council. Its members are drawn from academic, industrial, and government laboratories and represent the areas of nuclear chemistry, radiochemistry, and nuclear medicine.

The Committee has concerned itself with those areas of nuclear science which involve the chemist, such as the collection and distribution of radiochemical procedures, specialized techniques and instrumentation, the place of nuclear and radiochemistry in college and university programs, the training of nuclear and radiochemists, radiochemistry in environmental science, and radionuclides in nuclear medicine. A major interest of the Committee is the publication of the Nuclear Science Series of monographs on Radiochemistry and on Radiochemical Techniques. In 1982 a third series of Nuclear Medicine was initiated.

The Committee has endeavored to present monographs that will be of maximum use to the working scientist. Each monograph presents pertinent information required for radiochemical work with an individual element or with a specialized technique or with the use of radionuclides in nuclear medicine.

Experts on the various subjects have been recruited to write the monographs. The U.S. Department of Energy sponsors the printing of the series.

Edward S. Macias, Chairman
Committee on Nuclear and Radiochemistry

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The following reports (and others) are also available in the Library Catalog.
NAS-NS-3001 (pdf) 1960 Cadmium (Cd) DeVoe, James R.
NAS-NS-3002(Rev.) (pdf) 1965 Arsenic (As) Cuninghame, J. G.
NAS-NS-3003 (pdf) 1960 Francium (Fr) Hyde, Earl K.
NAS-NS-3004 (pdf) 1960 Thorium (Th) Hyde, Earl K.
NAS-NS-3005 (pdf) 1960 Bromine (Br), Chlorine (Cl), Fluorine (F), Iodine (I) Cowan, G. A.
Kleinberg, Jacob
NAS-NS-3006 (pdf) 1960 Americium (Am), Curium (Cm) Keenan, T. K.
Penneman, R. A.
NAS-NS-3007 (pdf) 1960 Chromium (Cr) Pijck, J.
NAS-NS-3007(Rev.) (pdf) 1964 Chromium (Cr) Pijck, J.
NAS-NS-3008(Rev.) (pdf) 1965 Rhodium (Rh) Armstrong, James C. Jr.
Choppin, Gregory R.
NAS-NS-3009 (pdf) 1960 Molybdenum (Mo) Scadden, E. M.
NAS-NS-3010 (pdf)
1960 Barium (Ba), Calcium (Ca), Strontium (Sr) Sunderman, D. N.
Townley, C. W.
NAS-NS-3011 (pdf) 1960 Hafnium (Hf), Zirconium (Zr) Steinberg, Ellis P.
NAS-NS-3011-Draft? (pdf) 1950 Niobium (Nb), Zirconium (Zr) Steinberg, Ellis P.
NAS-NS-3012 (pdf) 1960 Astatine (At) Appelman, Evan H.
NAS-NS-3013 (pdf) 1960 Beryllium (Be) Fairhall, A. W.
NAS-NS-3014 (pdf) 1960 Indium (In) Sunderman, D. N.
Townley, C. W.
NAS-NS-3015 (pdf) 1960 Zinc (Zn) Hicks, Harry G.
NAS-NS-3016 (pdf) 1959 Protactinium (Pa) Kirby, H. W.
NAS-NS-3017 (pdf) 1960 Iron (Fe) Nielsen, J. M.
NAS-NS-3018(Rev.) (pdf) 1971 Manganese (Mn) Schuman, R. P.
NAS-NS-3019 (pdf) 1960 Carbon (C), Nitrogen (N), Oxygen (O) Hudis, J.
NAS-NS-3020 (pdf) 1961 Actinium (Ac), Scandium (Sc), Yttrium (Y) Nervik, W. E.
Stevenson, P. C.
NAS-NS-3021 (pdf) 1960 Technetium (Tc) Anders, Edward
NAS-NS-3022 (pdf) 1960 Vanadium (V) Brownlee, J. L. Jr.
NAS-NS-3023 (pdf) 1960 Tin (Sn) Nervik, W. E.
NAS-NS-3024 (pdf) 1961 Magnesium (Mg) Fairhall, A. W.
NAS-NS-3025 (pdf) 1960 Argon (Ar), Helium (He), Krypton (Kr), Neon (Ne) Momyer, Floyd F. Jr.
NAS-NS-3026(Rev.) (pdf) 1970 Mercury (Hg) Roesmer, Josef
NAS-NS-3027 (pdf) 1961 Copper (Cu) Dyer, F. F.
Leddicotte, G. W.
NAS-NS-3028 (pdf) 1961 Rhenium (Re) Leddicotte, G. W.
NAS-NS-3029 (pdf) 1961 Ruthenium (Ru) Rickard, R. R.
Wyatt, E. L.
NAS-NS-3030(Rev.) (pdf) 1965 Selenium (Se) Leddicotte, G. W.
Molinski, V. J.
NAS-NS-3031 (pdf) 1960 Berkelium (Bk), Californium (Cf), Einsteinium (Es), Fermium (Fm), Mendelevium (Md), Nobelium (No) Higgins, G. H.
NAS-NS-3032 (pdf) 1961 Aluminum (Al), Gallium (Ga) Lewis, John E.
NAS-NS-3033 (pdf) 1961 Antimony (Sb) Maeck, William J.
NAS-NS-3034(Rev.) (pdf) 1971 Titanium (Ti) Kaye, James H.
Landis, Vincent J.
NAS-NS-3035 (pdf) 1961 Cesium (Cs) Finston, H. L.
Kinsley, M. T.
NAS-NS-3036 (pdf) 1961 Gold (Au) Emery, J. F.
Leddicotte, G. W.
NAS-NS-3037 (pdf) 1961 Polonium (Po) Figgins, P. E.
NAS-NS-3038 (pdf) 1960 Tellurium (Te) Leddicotte, G. W.
NAS-NS-3039 (pdf) 1961 Niobium (Nb), Tantalum (Ta) Steinberg, Ellis P.
NAS-NS-3040 (pdf) 1961 Lead (Pb) Gibson, W. M.
NAS-NS-3041 (pdf) 1961 Cobalt (Co) Bate, L.C.
Leddicotte, G. W.
NAS-NS-3042 (pdf) 1961 Tungsten (W) Leddicotte, G. W.
Mullins, W. T.
NAS-NS-3043 (pdf) 1961 Germanium (Ge) Marinsky, Jacob A.
NAS-NS-3044 (pdf) 1961 Platinum (Pt) Leddicotte, G. W.
NAS-NS-3045 (pdf) 1961 Iridium (Ir) Leddicotte, G. W.
NAS-NS-3046 (pdf) 1961 Osmium (Os) Leddicotte, G. W.
NAS-NS-3047 (pdf) 1961 Silver (Ag) Sunderman, D. N.
NAS-NS-3048 (pdf) 1961 Potassium (K) Leddicotte, G. W.
Mullins, W. T.
NAS-NS-3049(Rev.) (pdf) 1968 Silicon (Si) Schink, David R.
NAS-NS-3050 (pdf) 1962 Uranium (U) Gindler, James E.
NAS-NS-3051 (pdf) 1961 Nickel (Ni) Kirby, L. J.
NAS-NS-3052 (pdf) 1961 Palladium (Pd) Hogdahl, Ove T.
NAS-NS-3053 (pdf) 1962 Rubidium (Rb) Leddicotte, G. W.
NAS-NS-3054 (pdf) 1961 Sulfur (S) Leddicotte, G. W.
NAS-NS-3055 (pdf) 1962 Sodium (Na) Leddicotte, G. W.
Mullins, W. T.
NAS-NS-3056 (pdf) 1962 Phosphorus (P) Leddicotte, G. W.
Mullins, W. T.
NAS-NS-3057 (pdf) 1964 Radium (Ra) Kirby, H. W.
Salutsky, Murrell L.
NAS-NS-3058 (pdf) 1965 Plutonium (Pu) Coleman, George H.
NAS-NS-3059 (pdf) 1974 Arsenic (As), Astatine (At), Beryllium (Be), Magnesium (Mg), Nickel (Ni), Ruthenium (Ru), Selenium (Se) Marsh, K. V.
NAS-NS-3060 (pdf) 1974 Neptunium (Np) Burney, G. A.
Harbour, R. M.
NAS-NS-3061 (pdf) 1977 Bismuth (Bi) Bhatki, Kashinath S.
NAS-NS-3062 (pdf) 1977 Iodine (I) Kahn, Milton
Kleinberg, Jacob
NAS-NS-3063 (pdf) 1986 Neptunium (Np), Plutonium (Pu), Uranium (U) Choppin, Gregory R.
Roberts, Richard A.
Wild, John F.
NAS-NS-3064 1988 Astatine (At) Ruth, Thomas J.
Dombsky, Marik
D'Auria, John M.
Ward, Thomas E.

Radiochemical Techniques

NAS-NS-3101 1960 Liquid-Liquid Extraction with High-molecular-weight Amines Moore, Fletcher L.
NAS-NS-3102 1961 Separations by Solvent Extraction with Tri-n-octylphosphine Oxide White, J. C.
Ross, W. J.
NAS-NS-3103 (pdf) 1961 Low-Level Radiochemical Separations Sugihara, T. T.
NAS-NS-3104 (pdf) 1961 Rapid Radiochemical Separations Kusaka, Yusuru
Meinke, W. Wayne
NAS-NS-3105 1962 Detection and Measurement of Nuclear Radiation O'Kelley, G. D.
NAS-NS-3106 1962 Paper Chromatographic and Electromigration Techniques in Radiochemistry Bailey, R. A.
NAS-NS-3107 1962 Applications of Computers to Nuclear and Radiochemistry O'Kelley, G. D.
NAS-NS-3108 1962 Application of Distillation Techniques to Radiochemical Separations DeVoe, James R.
NAS-NS-3109 1966 Processing of Counting Data Stevenson, P. C.
NAS-NS-3110 1966 Activation Analysis with Charged Particles Tilbury, R. S.
NAS-NS-3111 1967 Chemical Yield Determinations in Radiochemistry Norton, Elinor F.
NAS-NS-3112 (pdf) 1968 Absolute Measurement of Alpha Emission and Spontaneous Fission Brouns, Richard J.
NAS-NS-3113 1971 Cation-Exchange Techniques in Radiochemistry Massart, D. L.
NAS-NS-3114 1974 Neutron Activation Techniques for the Measurement of Trace Metals in Environmental Samples Carpenter, R.
Robertson, D. E.
NAS-NS-3115 1974 Users' Guides for Radioactivity Standards Choppin, G. R.
Kahn, B.
Taylor, J. G. V.
NAS-NS-3116 1986 Alpha Counting and Spectrometry Using Liquid Scintillation Methods McDowell, W. J.
NAS-NS-3117 1988 Radiochemical Neutron Activation Analysis for 36 Elements in Geological Material Anders, Edward
Wolf, Rainer
Morgan, John W.
et. al.