Cambridge Structural Database

Los Alamos researchers can access WebCSD from offsite via Remote Access (see link at top of page).


Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) includes bibliographic, chemical, and crystallographic information for organic molecules and metal-organic compounds. The crystal structure data comes from the open literature or direct deposits by researchers.

The CSD System incorporations a suite of flexible search and analysis tools.  The Research Library provides CSD as a local installation or a web interface (WebCSD).  Note: WebCSD is not a complete substitute for the locally installed version.

Download CSD for local installation

The 2013 software release (CSD V5.34) is available from the Library at this download site (requires cryptocard).

For assistance with any CSD questions, please contact Susan Heckethorn at

Access WebCSD

When using WebCSD for the first time:

You must change the default port used by WebCSD or else your search results will be blocked by the LANL firewall.  From the WebCSD homepage, follow these steps...

1) Select the Browse tab


2) In the search area (left-hand side) under Help, select Settings


3) Change the port to 8765