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Xiaofeng Guo

Xiaofeng Guo

Phone (505) 664-0811


1. Thermodynamic analysis: High temperature caloriemtry, DSC/TG.

2. Chemistry and thermal analysis of actinides containing materials and minearls.

3. Synchtron experiments and analysis (XANES, EXAFS, XRD-DAC)

4. Inorganic synthesis (wet chemistry, hydrothermal, vacuum sealed)


Goolge Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=da&user=QXVX5YMAAAAJ


2010 - 2014 University of California, Davis                            

Ph.D. in Chemistry | Advisor: Alexandra Navrotsky

Dissertation title: “Thermodynamics of materials containing actinides: garnets, metal uranates, and uranyl peroxide”


2006 - 2010 Sun Yat-sen University, China                                                                                                           

B.S. in Physics | Advisor: Xue-hua Wang

Dissertation title: “Computational simulation on 2D photonic crystals”


LANL Positions

Glenn T. Seaborg Postdoctroal Fellow


Professional Societies

American Chemical Society

American Nuclear Society

Geological Society of America



Merit Scholarship, School of Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University

Graduate Student Travel Award, Graduate Council subcommittee, University of California, Davis




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