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Wanyi Nie

Wanyi Nie

Phone (505) 667-4242


  • Chemical Science
  • Physical chemistry
  • Energetic materials
  • Materials chemistry
  • Photovoltaics
  • Materials
  • Functional materials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Electron microscopy
  • Interface engineering
  • Integrate inorganic and organic nanomaterials into functional nanosystems
  • Photovoltaics
  • Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT)


  • Fabrication and characterization of organic opto-electronic devices on 3D nanostructured substrate
  • Charge transport behavior at donor-acceptor interface in opto-electronic devices
  • AC-field induced electroluminescence devices
  • Exploring the phase formation in polymer or polymer/fullerene blend with the aid of nanostructures and the influence towards optoelectronic device performance


Ph.D., Department of Physics, Wake Forest University, 2012

B.S., Applied Physics, Beihang University, Beijing, China, 2008


LANL Positions

Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Materials Synthesis and Integrated Devices (MPA-11), February 2014 - 2016

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (MPA-CINT)/Materials Synthesis and Integrated Devices (MPA-11), February 2013 -  January 2014


Professional Societies

Material Research Society



Laboratory’s Postdoc Publication Prize in “Clean Energy”, LANL, 2015

Director funded postdoctoral fellowship, LANL, 2014-2016

Doctoral Student Full Tuition Scholarship, Wake Forest University, 2008-2012

2012 MRS spring travel award, Award # 1231358, Division of Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems, NSF Program: Electronics, Photonics, and Magnetic Devices - EPMD



“NanoParticle Induced Phase formation”, 2013



Wanyi Nie, Hsinhan Tsai, Reza Asadpour, Jean-Christophe Blancon, Amanda J. Neukirch, Gautam Gupta, Jared J. Crochet, Manish Chhowalla, Sergei Tretiak, Muhammad A. Alam, Hsing-Lin Wang* and Aditya D. Mohite* "High Efficiency Millimeter-Scale Crystalline Perovskite Solar Cells" , equal contributions *corresponding authors Science 347, 522 (2015). DOI: 10.1126/science.aaa0472 - featured in Los Alamos National Laboratory official YouTube video entitled "Los Alamos Discovers Super Efficient Solar Using Perovskite Crystals" & News release entitled "Los Alamos develops new technique for growing high-efficiency perovskite solar cells"

Wanyi Nie*, Gautam Gupta, Brian K. Crone, Feilong Liu, Darryl L. Smith, P. Paul Ruden, Cheng-Yu Kuo, Hsinhan Tsai, Hsing-Lin Wang, Hao Li, Sergei Tretiak and Aditya D. Mohite* "Interface Design Principles for High-Performance Organic Semiconductor Devices" *corresponding authors Advanced Science (2015). DOI: 10.1002/advs.201500024

Hung-Ju Yen, Hsinhan Tsai, Cheng-Yu Kuo, Wanyi Nie, Aditya D. Mohite, Gautam Gupta, Jian Wang, Jia-Hao Wu, Guey-Sheng Lioud, and Hsing-Lin Wang "Flexible memory devices with tunable electrical bistability via controlled energetics in donor-donor and donor-acceptor conjugated polymers" J. Mater. Chem. C 2, 4374 (2014).

Cheng-Yu Kuo, Wanyi Nie, Hsinhan Tsai, Hung-Ju Yen, Aditya D. Mohite, Gautam Gupta, Andrew M. Dattelbaum, Darrick J. William, Kitty C. Cha, Yang Yang, Leeyih Wang, and Hsing-Lin Wang "Structural Design of Benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b’]dithiophene-Based 2D Conjugated Polymers with Bithienyl and Terthienyl Substituents toward Photovoltaic Applications" Macromolecules 47, 1008 (2014).

H.Yamaguchi, J.Granstrom, W.Nie, H.Sojoudi, T.Fujita, D.Voiry, M.Chen, G.Gupta, A.D.Mohite, S.Graham & M.Chhowalla "Reduced Graphene Oxide Thin Films as Ultrabarriers for Organic Electronics" Adv. Energy Mater. 4, 1300986 (2014).

Wanyi Nie*, Yonghua Chen, Greg Smith, Yingdong Xia, Corey Hewitt, David Carroll “Nano graphite platelets enhanced blue emission in alternating current field induced polymer based electroluminescence devices using Poly (9,9-dioctylfluorenyl-2,7-diyl) as the emitter” *Corresponding author, Org. Electron. 15, 99 (2014). Wanyi Nie, Robert. C. Coffin, David. L. Carroll “Silver doped titanium oxide as intermediate layer for efficient organic tandem solar cell” International Journal of Photoenergy, Volume 2013, Article ID 829463, 6 pages (Invited article for special issue on Organic Electronics) (2013).

Yonghua Chen, Gregory M Smith, Eamon Loughman, Yuan Li, Wanyi Nie, David L Carroll “Effect of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on electron injection and charge generation in AC field-induced polymer electroluminescence” Org. Electron. 14, 8-18 (2013). Wanyi Nie, Yuan Li, Wei Zhou, Jiwen Liu, David Carroll “Multi-layer deposition of conformal, transparent, conducting oxide films for device applications” Thin solid films, 520, 4008-4015 (2012) Wanyi Nie, Robert.C.Coffin, Jiwen Liu, Yuan Li, Eric.D.Peterson, Christopher M. MacNeill Ronald E. Noftle and David L. Carroll “High Efficiency Organic Solar Cells with Spray Coated Active Layers” Applied Physics Letters, 100, 083301 (2012). Wanyi Nie, Robert Coffin, Christopher M. MacNeill, Yuan Li, Jiwen Liu, Ronald E. Noftle, David L. Carroll “Exploring Spray Coating Technique for Organic Solar Cell Application” International Journal of Photoenergy, Volume 2012 , Article ID 175610, 7 pages (Invited paper) (2012). Yuan Li,Huihui Huang, Mingjun Wang, Wanyi Nie, Wenxiao Huang, Guojia Fang,David L. Carroll "Spectral response of fiber-based organic photovoltaics" Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 98, 273-276 (2012). Wanyi Nie, Christopher M. MacNeill, Yuan Li, Ronald E. Noftle, David L. Carroll, Robert. C. Coffin “A Soluble High Molecular Weight Copolymer of Benzo[1,2-b:4,5-b(]dithiophene and Benzoxadiazole for Efficient Organic Photovoltaics” Macromolecular. Rapid Communication, 32, 1163-1168 (Cover Story) (2011). Y. Li, M. Wang, H. Huang, W. Nie, Qi Li, E. D. Peterson, C. Robert, G. Fang, and D. L. Carroll “Influence on open-circuit voltage by optical heterogeneity in three-dimensional organic photovoltaics” Physics. Review B, 84.085206 (2011). Mingjun Wang, Yuan Li, Huihui Huang, Eric D. Peterson, Wanyi Nie, Wei Zhou, Wei Zeng,Wenxiao Huang, Guojia Fang, Nanhai Sun,Xingzhong Zhao, and David L. Carroll “Thickness dependence of the MoO3 blocking layers on ZnO nanorod-inverted organic photovoltaic devices” Applied Physics Letters, 98, 103305 (2011). Yuan Li, Wanyi Nie, Jiwen Liu, D.L. Carroll “The Optics of Organic Photovoltaics: Fiber- Based Devices” IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 16(6), 11 (invited review article) (2010). Q. Zheng, G. Fang, R. Coffin, C. MacNeill, Y. Li, N. Sun, P. Qin, W. Nie, E. Peterson, X. Fan, F. Cheng, X. Zhao, D. Carroll “Roles of thermal annealing in cyclopentadithiophene/thienopyrroledione:fullerene blended film and performance of organic photovoltaics” Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 95, 3114-3118 (2010). Y. Li, E. Peterson, H. Huang, M. Wang, D. Xue, W. Nie, W. Zhou, D.L.Carroll “Tube-based geometries for organic photovoltaic” Applied Physics Letters, 96(24) 243505 (2010). Wei Zhou, Wanyi Nie, Yuan Li, Jiwen Liu, David L. Carroll “Fabrication considerations in fiber-based organic photovoltaics” Proc. SPIE 7416, Organic Photovoltaics X, 741613 (2010). Yuan Li, Wei Zhou, Dan Xue, Jiwen Liu, Eric D. Peterson, Wanyi Nie, and David L. Carroll “Origins of Performance in Fiber-Based Organic Photovoltaic” Applied Physics Letters, 95, 203503 (2009).