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Travis Sjostrom

Travis Sjostrom

Phone (505) 665-0054


  • Computational Physics and Applied Mathematics
  • Numerical modeling
  • Molecular dynamics
  • Computer and Computational Sciences
  • Open MPI development
  • High performance computing
  • High Energy Density Plasmas and Fluids
  • High energy density physics (HED)
  • Direct numerical simulations
  • Materials
  • Materials behavior in extreme environments,
  • High pressure
  • High temperature
  • Nanotechnology
  • Thermodynamic
  • Statistical mechanics properties of materials
  • Equation of state (EOS)
  • Condensed matter theory


Research in density functional theory development including orbital-free exchange-correlation and non-interacting free-energy functionals, as well as application to properties of warm dense matter including equation of state and transport properties. Equation of state modeling for the LANL SESAME database.

Numerical code development for density functional molecular dynamics and other applications in C, C++, and Fortran languages utilizing MPI.


Research Groups: Dense Plasma Theory Orbital-Free DFT SESAME EOS

Curriculum Vitae: here


Ph.D. Physics, University of Utah, 2008

B.S. Physics, University of Utah, 2002


LANL Positions

Scientist, T-1, Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Feb 2016-present

Postdoctoral Associate, T-5, Applied Mathematics and Plasma Physics, Jan 2013-Feb 2016  



Papers on PROLA    Papers on arXiv

  1. T. Dornheim, S. Groth, T. Sjostrom, F. D. Malone, W. M. C. Foulkes, and M. Bonitz, Ab Initio Quantum Monte Carlo Simulation of the Warm Dense Electron Gas in the Thermodynamic Limit, Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 156403 (2016).
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