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Stephen F. Price Dr

Stephen Price

Phone (505) 665-1000


Glaciology and Land Ice Modeling

development of improved models of glaciers and ice sheets; coupling of glacier and ice sheet models with large-scale Earth System Models; application of coupled ice and climate models to explore the interaction of glaciers and ice sheets with the global climate system


Ph.D., Geophysics, The University of Washington, 2006

M.Sc., Geology, The Ohio State University, 1998

B.Sc., Geology, The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 1995



LANL Positions

2013 - present: Scientist III,  Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics Group (T-3), Theoretical Division

2010 - 2013: Scientist II,  Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics Group (T-3), Theoretical Division

2008 - 2010: Directors Postdoctoral Fellow, Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics Group (T-3), Theoretical Division



Professional Societies

American Geophysical Union

European Geophysical Union

International Glaciological Society



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