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Stephen Cope

Stephen Cope

Phone (505) 664-0287


  • Biosciences
  • Natural products
  • Chemical Science
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Actinide chemistry
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Materials
  • Magnetic resonance


Organic Chemistry. Synthesis of novel compounds and reaction mechanisms; include kinetics and isotopic labeling.

Organometallic Chemistry. Synthesis of organo-transition metal complexes and their interactions with organic substrates.

NMR. Solution phase structures, dynamics and reaction mechanism using 1-D and 2-D NMR experiments.


PhD in Chemistry. University of California, San Diego. San Diego, CA. Thesis title: "Transition Metal-Poly pi Hydrocarbons: Reactions and Interactions."

MS in Chemistry. University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Charlotte, NC. Thesis title: "Investigations into the Reactions of Organocuprates with Allylic Substrates and the Addition to a,b-unsaturated Enones and Enals."

BS in Chemistry. University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Charlotte, NC.


LANL Positions

Seaborg Post-Doctoral Fellow, Chemistry Division, C-IIAC: Synthetic Actinide Chemistry, 2016-present


Professional Societies

American Chemical Society



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