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Kabekode Ghanasham Bhat

Phone (505) 665-6709


Bayesian Statistics

Computer Experiments

Uncertainty Quantification

Applications of Statistics to Physical Sciences and Earth Sciences


The Pennsylvania State University

• Ph.D. Statistics, Fall 2010

Thesis Title: Inference for Complex Computer Models and Large Multivariate Spatial Data with Applications to Climate Science'.

• M.S. Statistics University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

• B.S. Electrical Engineering 



LANL Positions

Scientist, Statistical Sciences Group, CCS-6.

Relevant Recent Projects:

• Uncertainty Quantification for Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative

• NISAC (National Infrastructure and Analysis Center), Dam Breaches and Rainfall. 

• PSIDAC/QUEST Plasma Surface Interactions

• UQ and decision support for the Chromium contamination site at LANL




Professional Societies

• Member of the American Statistical Association

• Chapter Representative, Albuquerque Statistical Association




Bhat, K. S. Mebane, D.S, Storlie, C.B., Mahapatra, P. (2015). Upscaling Uncertainty with Dynamic Discrepancy for a Multi-scale Carbon Capture System. Journal of the American Statistical Association (tentatively accepted).

Bhat, K.S., Sherman,B., Storlie, C.B. (2015).  Calibration of a High Dimensional Parameter Space for a Solvent Model. (in preparation). 

Bhat, K.S., Tasseff, B., Judi, D., Bent, R. (2015). Uncertainty Quantification Approaches for Combining Multi-Resolution Output for Prediction of Dam Breaches (in preparation).

Bhat, K. S., Mebane, D.S, Kim, H., Eslick, J., Wendelberger, J.R, Miller, D.C. (2013) Upscaling Parameter Uncertainty and Model Discrepancy for a Process Model. Technical report, Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

Mebane, D.S, Bhat, K. S., Kress, J.D., Fauth, D.J, Gray, M.L., Lee, D., Miller, D.C. (2013) Bayesian calibration of thermodynamic models for the uptake of CO2 in supported amine sorbents using ab initio priors. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,15(12):4355-4366.

Bhat, K. S., Haran, M., Olson, R., Keller, K. (2012) Inferring likelihoods and climate system char- acteristics from climate models and spatio-temporal tracer data. Environmetrics. 23(4): 345-362. 

Bhat, K. S., Birdsell, S., Hamada, M. (2012) The Interplay Between Science and Statistics in Modeling Stress-Strain Curve Data Quality Engineering 25(1):11-22

Bhat, K. S., Haran, M., Terando, A., Keller, K. (2011) Climate Projections Using Bayesian Model Averaging and Space-Time Dependence. Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics. 16(4):606-628