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Scott Alan Vander Wiel

Scott Vander Wiel

Phone (505) 665-8037


Scott is a fellow of the American Statistical Association who has conducted statistics research at Los Alamos National Laboratory since 2005 and previously at Bell Laboratories since 1991. He collaborates with engineers and scientists to analyze data and develop statistical methodology for problems in diverse areas such as system reliability, cyber security, network tomography, radio astronomy, computer worm detection, numerical optimization and quality improvement. Scott won the ASA prize for Outstanding Statistical Applications and the ASQ Frank Wilcoxon prize for the Best Practical Application for a 2002 paper on modeling bandwidth in optical fiber. He holds patents on methods for network traffic modeling and for incremental quantile estimation. At Bell Labs he worked on numerous teams that won corporate achievement awards. At LANL he has focused on streaming radio astronomy analysis, weapons reliability modeling and uncertainty quantification, high explosive surveillance and cyber security.

Scott's current projects include:

Uncertainty Quantification for Advanced Certification of Stockpile Devices

Spatial Extremes in Performance of Materials

Streaming Discovery of Astronomical Fast Radio Bursts

High Explosives Safety 

Uncertainty Quantification for Nuclear Forensics 



Ph.D. Statistics, Iowa State University (1991). Dissertation: “Some Aspects of Monitoring and Control of Univariate Dynamic Systems”

M.S. Statistics, Iowa State University (1987)

B.S. Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University (1985)


Professional Societies

Member, National Academies of Sciences Panel on Reliability Growth Methods for Defense Systems (2011-2014)

Member, Technometrics journal management committee (2013-2015)

President, ASA Albuquerque Chapter (2006-2007)

Vice President, ASA Albuquerque Chapter (2005-2006)



Fellow, American Statistical Association (2005)



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