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Richard L. Sandberg

Richard Sandberg

Phone (505) 665-3526


  • Development of novel optical and X-ray diagnostics to study materials in extreme conditions and materials at the nanoscale using ultrafast lasers and large scale (synchrotron, XFEL) and tabletop X-ray sources.  Application of X-ray lensless or Coherent Diffraction Imaging (CDI) to the study of materials under extreme conditions and magnetic ordering at the nanoscale.
  • Development of fiber-optic based diagnostics for measuring materials extremes (shock, detonation, pressure, temperature).
  • Development and application of cryogentic single photon detectors to studying materials dynamics.

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PhD, M.S. in Physics, Certificate of Optics—University of Colorado at Boulder and JILA

  • Graduation: May 2009
  • Thesis: “Closing the Gap to the Diffraction Limit: Near Wavelength Limited Tabletop Soft X-Ray Coherent Diffractive Imaging”
  • Also completed NSF IGERT Optical Science and Engineering Fellowship Program and industrial internship with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Inc. Fall 2006
  • Advisors: Margaret M. Murnane and Henry C. Kapteyn

B.S. in Physics, minors in Mathematics and Business—Brigham Young University

  • Graduation: August 2004 Graduated with Honors (Top 1% of University)
  • Honors Thesis: “Optical applications of Uranium Thin-film Compounds for the Extreme Ultraviolet and Soft X-ray Region”
  • Advisors: David D. Allred and R. Steven Turley

Professional Appointments

  • April 2011 - Present: Staff Member, Laboratory for Ultrafast Materials and Optical Science (LUMOS), Center for Integrated Nanotechnology (MPA-CINT) at Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • June 2009 - April 2011: Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics (CASP), C-PCS Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory with Han Htoon and Victor Klimov        

Professional Societies

  • October 2018 – Co-chair for Workshop “Gap Analysis: Materials Discovery through Data Science at Advanced User Light Sources," October 3-5, 2018 in Santa Fe, NM.
  • Oct. 2016 – Oct. 2019 - SLAC – Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) User Executive Committee Chair (2016-17), Vice Chair (2015-16) and Past Chair (2017-18)
  • October 2016 and October 2017– Scientific Program and Organizing Committee for Annual LCLS/SSRL User Workshop
  • Co-organizer of symposium at the TMS Annual meeting entitled: “Characterization of Materials through High Resolution Coherent Imaging” (2013,2015,2017) – to be held bi-annually.
  • Co-organizer of MaRIE Workshop on “Opportunities for New X-ray Sources to Shed Light on Mesoscale Functional Materials” Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 2016.
  • 2015-2016 - Optical Society of America CLEO Conference Program Committee on Optical Interactions with Condensed Matter and Ultrafast Phenomena
  • December 2014 – Present – SLAC LCLS-II Magnetism & Spin Working Group and LCLS-II Science Opportunities Document Team
  • 2014 – Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies Co-Director and Group Leader Search Committee
  • 2013-2015 - TMS Advanced Characterization, Testing, and Simulation Committee Member
  • 2013-2014 - Optical Society of America CLEO Conference Applications and Technology 3 Committee
  • Guest Editor of Special Section for the Journal of the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (JOM) on “Coherent X-ray Diffraction Imaging as a Characterization Tool” September 2013
  • 2012-2016 – Los Alamos Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) Review Committee for Exploratory Research Programs: FY2013 – Emergent Phenomenon of Materials (EPM), FY2014 – FY2016 – Quantum and Optical Sciences (QOS), Committee Chair FY2016 – Atomic, Molecular, Quantum, and Optical Sciences (AMQOS) Committee
  • Reviewer for Department of Energy – Basic Energy Sciences, Science Advances, Nature Physics, Nature Photonics, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B and X, New Journal of Physics, Optics Letters, Optics Express, and Journal of the Optical Society of America B


  • 2016 Los Alamos Performance Award for Leadership in LANL Shock Physics at LCLS
  • 2015 Los Alamos Performance Award for Program Development
  • 2014 Los Alamos Performance Award for Dynamic X-ray Imaging Experiments on Explosives
  • 2012-2013 LANL Protégé/Mentor Program (Mentors: 2012 D. Idar, PADGS; 2013 D. Fulton, P-DO)
  • 2012 Los Alamos New Manager On-Ramp Program Endorsement
  • 2012 Los Alamos Awards Program (LAAP) Winner, Gemini Project Diagnostic Development
  • 2010 Los Alamos National Laboratory “Spot” Performance Award
  • 2009 Director’s Postdoctoral Fellowship at Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • 2008 Optical Society of America (OSA) New Focus/Bookham Student Award Recipient
  • Finalist for the 2008 Werner Meyer-Ilse Memorial Award at XRM 2008
  • 5 year NSF IGERT Optical Science and Engineering Program Graduate Fellowship, August 2004
Students Mentored

Postdoctoral Researchers Mentored

  1. 2017 – Present – Dr. Ashish Tripathi – Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  2. 2013-2016 – Dr. Brian McFarland – Director’s Funded Postdoc, now at Sandia National Laboratory
  3. 2014-2015 – Dr. Qiang Wang – Postdoctoral Fellow, now a Postdoc at Argonne Nat. Lab

Graduate Students Mentored

  1. April 2018 – Present – Jeffrey Nguyen: Post Master's Student from Colorado State University
  2. Summer 2016 – Joop Hendriks: Master’s Student at University of Gronigen
  3. 2015 – 2016 – Dennis Trujillo: Master’s Student at NMSU, now in PhD At UConn
  4. 2012 – Nathan Heilmann: Graduate student, Brigham Young University, now at KM Labs, Inc.

Undergraduate Students Mentored

  1. Summer 2015 – May 2018: Timothy O’Leary – Post-Bachelors Intern, BYU-Idaho, BS in Applied Math
  2. August 2015 – September 2017: Benjamin Pound – Post-bachelors Intern Physics, UCLA PhD EE
  3. Summer 2016 – Summer 2017: Colby Walker – Undergraduate Student in Physics at BYU – Idaho
  4. February – August 2017: Heather Garland – Post-backelors Intern Physics, Gettysburg College
  5. 2013-2016: Kimberley Nguyen – Undergraduate Researcher – B.S. Biochemistry, UNM
  6. Summer 2015: Albert Liu - SULI Student – University of Michigan PhD program in Applied Physics
  7. 2014-2015: Matthew C. Tyson – Post-bachelors Intern, Montana State University PhD Program
  8. 2012-2013: Jonathan Gigax – B.S. Student, Univ. Sci. Tech Mo., PhD candidate at Texas A&M





For most up to date publication information, please see my Google Scholar Page.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications (out of more than 40)

  1. A. E. Gleason, C.A. Bolme, H.J. Lee, B. Nagler, E. Galtier, R. Kraus, R.L. Sandberg, W. Yang, F.Langenhorst, and W. Mao, "Time-Resolved Diffraction of Shock-Released SiO2 and Diaplectic Glass Formation" Nat. Commun. 8, 1481 (2017).
  2. B.A. Pound, J.L. Barber, K. Nguyen, M.C. Tyson, R.L. Sandberg, “Coherent Diffractive Imaging in the Near Field at Large Angles,” Phys. Rev. B 96, 54104 (2017).
  3. Ahmed, Towfiq, Aiping Chen, Brian McFarland, Qiang Wang, Hendrik Ohldag, Richard Sandberg, Quanxi Jia, Dmitry A. Yarotski, and Jian-Xin Zhu. 2016. “Site-Mixing Effect on the XMCD Spectrum in Double Perovskite Bi2FeMnO6.” Appl. Phys. Lett., 108, 242907 (2016).
  4. A.E. Gleason, C.A. Bolme, H.J. Lee, B.Nagler, E. Galtier, D. Milathianaki, R.L. Sandberg, J. Hawreliak, R.G. Kraus, J.H. Eggert, D.E. Fratanduono, G.W. Collins, W.Yang, and W.L. Mao,  “Ultrafast visualization of crystallization and grain growth in 1 shock-compressed SiO2,” Nature Comm. 6, 8191 (2015).
  5. L.A. Padilha, J.T. Stewart, R.L. Sandberg, W.K. Bae, W.K. Koh, J.M. Pietryga, and V.I. Klimov, “Carrier Multiplication in Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Influence of Size, Shape and Composition,” Acc. Chem. Res. 46, 1261–1269 (2013).
  6. R.L. Sandberg, L. a Padilha, M.M. Qazilbash, W.K. Bae, R.D. Schaller, J.M. Pietryga, M.J. Stevens, B. Baek, S.W. Nam, and V.I. Klimov, “Multiexciton dynamics in infrared-emitting colloidal nanostructures probed by a superconducting nanowire single-photon detector,” ACS Nano 6, 9532 (2012).
  7. K. S. Raines, S. Salha, R. L. Sandberg, H. Jiang, J. A. Rodriguez, B. P. Fahimian, H. C. Kapteyn, J. Du, and J. Miao. Three-dimensional structure determination from a single view. Nature 463, 214 (2010).
  8. R. L. Sandberg, D. A. Raymondson, C. La-o-vorakiat, A. Paul, K. S. Raines, J. Miao, M. M. Murnane, H. C. Kapteyn, and W. F. Schlotter. Tabletop soft-x-ray Fourier transform holography with 50 nm resolution. Opt. Lett. 34, 1618–1620 (2009).
  9. R. L. Sandberg, C. Song, P. W. Wachulak, D. A. Raymondson, A. Paul, B. Amirbekian, E. Lee, A. E. Sakdinawat, O. V. C. La, M. C. Marconi, C. S. Menoni, M. M. Murnane, J. J. Rocca, H. C. Kapteyn, and J. Miao. High numerical aperture tabletop soft x-ray diffraction microscopy with 70-nm resolution. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105, 24–27 (2008).
  10. R.L. Sandberg, A. Paul, D. A. Raymondson, S. Hadrich, D. M. Gaudiosi, J. Holtsnider, R. I. Tobey, O. Cohen, M. M. Murnane, H. C. Kapteyn, C. Song, J. Miao, Y. Liu, and F. Salmassi, Lensless diffractive imaging using tabletop coherent high-harmonic soft-X-ray beams. Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 98103 (2007).

Selected Recent Invited Presentations

  1. Richard L. Sandberg, et al.  “Tools for Real-time Adaptive Acceleration of Dynamic Compression Science at Light Sources,” SSRL/LCLS Annual User Meeting, September 29, 2017, Menlo Park, California.
  2. R.L. Sandberg, elt al., “Seeing damage and failure in structural materials at the ATOMIC scale,” ATOMIC APS-U Workshop, May 1, 2017, Argonne, Illinois.
  3. Richard Sandberg, et al., “Revolutions in Coherent X-ray Sources Will Enable Dynamic Nanometer Scale Strain Imaging in Structural Materials,” Materials Science and Technology, October 25, 2016, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  4. Richard L. Sandberg, et al., “Opportunities and Challenges with MaRIE Multi-Dimensional Imaging of Dynamic Experiments,” Physics/Theory Colloquium, Los Alamos National Laboratory, August 12, 2016, Los Alamos, New Mexico.
  5. Richard L. Sandberg, et al., "Studying Shocked Material Dynamics with Ultrafast X-rays" Microscopy and Microanalysis 2015, August 2-6, 2015, Portland, Oregon.
  6. George Rodriguez, Fedor F. Balakirev, Abul Azad, Richard L. Sandberg, et al., "Insight into fiber Bragg sensor response at 100-MHz interrogation rates under various dynamic loading conditions" SPIE DSS 2015, April 22, 2015, Baltimore, Maryland.
  7. Richard L. Sandberg, et al., “Sub-micron Scale Imaging of Fast Materials Dynamics at X-ray Free Electron Lasers,” Department of Physics Colloquium, New Mexico State University, November 13, 2014, Las Cruces, New Mexico.
  8. Richard L. Sandberg, et al., "Lensless X-ray Imaging for Materials Dynamics Studies," Brigham Young University Department of Physics and Astronomy Colloquium, October 29, 2014, Provo, Utah.
  9. R.L. Sandberg, et al., “Ultrafast Coherent Imaging of Shocked Material Dynamics with X-ray Free Electron Laser Pulses,” 2014 High-Power Laser Workshop, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, October 8, 2014, Menlo Park, California.
  10. Richard L. Sandberg, et al., “Sub-micron Scale Imaging of Fast Materials Dynamics at X-ray Free Electron Lasers,” SLAC Photon Science Seminar, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, April 29, 2014, Menlo Park, California.

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