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Richard Roy Picard

Richard Picard

Phone (505) 667-2200


  • Computational Physics and Applied Mathematics
  • Monte Carlo methods
  • Statistics
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Uncertainty analysis


Adaptive Monte Carlo techniques for computer simulation codes. 


Data analysis for nuclear forensics, arms control, and verification. 


Statistical consulting for Los Alamos plutonium facility operations (certified Six Sigma master black belt). 


Rear-real-time accounting methods for nuclear materials safeguards. 


Biosurveillance systems.



B.A., Mathematics, Carleton College

Ph.D., Applied Statistics, University of Minnesota 



LANL Positions

Member of Statistics Group since 1981. 




Salutatorian, Robbinsdale H.S. (Minn). Captain of high school and college wrestling teams. Midwest Collegiate Conference tennis champion, worked as a teaching professional for two years following college, and in more recent years have won over-the-hill singles titles at the New Mexico Open, Arizona Open, and Minnesota Open.  Also do announcing of high school sports for the local radio station, and have won New Mexico Broadcasters Association Golden Mike Award for sports play-by-play.  



According to Google Scholar, the collective citation count for the publications to follow exceeds 1000. 


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