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Philip H. Stauffer

Philip Stauffer

Phone (505) 665-4638


  • Earth and Space Sciences
  • Geoscience
  • Subsurface flow and transport
  • Geology
  • Geochemistry
  • Volcanology
  • Sensor technology
  • Carbon fluxes
  • Decision Analysis
  • Model calibration
  • FEHM: Finite-Element Heat and Mass-Transfer
  • Oil and gas reservoir simulations
  • Subsurface energy applications risk analysis
  • System modeling of energy applications


Development and use of porous flow multiphase heat and chemical transport models. Extensive experience with Performance Assessment modeling, site characterization, and CO2 sequestration. Specialties:Working with large FORTRAN codes. Debugging on multiple platforms. Implementation of new physics and chemistry algorithms. Working with multidisciplinary teams to get complex projects completed and papers published.


1999, Ph.D., Earth Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz. Dissertation title:  Modeling Coupled Processes: Fluids in the Crust

1992, B.S., Physics, Elizabethtown College.


LANL Positions

2018 – present Team Leader, Applied Terrestrial, Energy, and Atmospheric Modeling Team, EES-16.

2010-present, Scientist IV (Hydrogeologist), Earth and Environmental Science Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Computational Earth Sciences EES-16, FEHM Development Team

2008-2010, Scientist III (Hydrogeologist)

2000-2008, Staff Research Scientist (Hydrogeologist)  EES-6.

1999-2000, Post Doctoral Researcher,   Hydrology, Geochemistry, and Geology, (EES-6)

1991- 1999, Research Assistant, Earth and Environmental Science Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory.).


Professional Societies





2017 R&D100 Award for contributins to the National Risk Assessment Partnership Toolset

2017  LAAP Award for MDA G performance assessment and composite analysis

2015 Distinguished Mentor Performance, LANL.  2011-2013

2015  LAAP Award Top 10 publisher for EES Division, LANL.  2012-2014  

2015 Distinguished Reviewer for Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control

2014     LAAP Award for quick turn-around simulations of thermal conditions in waste drums prior to the 2014 radiological incident.

2013     Co-author on award winning presentation at CCUS Pittsburgh. May 2013. “The real cost of CO2 capture and storage: variable electricity generation for retrofitted coal-fired power plants”. Only 12 of over 300 presentations received this award.

2013     Top 10 publisher (4th) for EES Division, LANL.  2011-2013

2013     Top Reviewer for International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 2007-2012.

2009     Science Highlights Certificate of Appreciation, Associate Directorate for Chemistry, Life, and Earth Sciences.

2009     Los Alamos Awards Program, for contributions to the SFT Brownbag Seminar

2008     Los Alamos National Laboratory Technology Transfer Award, Outstanding Programmatic Impact Award For Contributions to the development of FEHM. 

1997     Schlanger Ocean Drilling Fellowship, ODP Leg 171, Modeling Deformation and Dewatering in the Barbados Accretionary Complex: Implications for Proto-decollement Evolution.

1992       Outstanding Student Award, Physics Department, Elizabethtown College.

1991       Science and Engineering Research Semester Award, (DOE) at Los Alamos National Laboratory.






Journal Publications, Reports, Conference Papers

2018 Johnson, P.J., G.A. Valentine, P.H. Stauffer, C.S. Lowry, I.M. Sonder, B.A. Pulgarin, C.C. Santacoloma, A. Agudelo, Long Boundary Drainage as a Source for Lahars, in review Bulletin of Volcanology, January 2018.

2017 Dai, Z., Y. Zhang, J. Bielicki, M. Zhang, C. Yang, Y. Zou, W. Ampomah, T. Xiao, R, Solitanian, R.S. Middleton, P.H. Stauffer, Heterogeneity-assisted carbon dioxide storage in marine sediments, submitted to GRL, September 2017.

2017 Nguyen, M., X. Zhang, N. Wei, J. Li, X. Li, Y. Zhang,  P.H. Stauffer,  An Object-based Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis Study in Support of CO2 Storage in Deep Saline Aquifers at the Shenhua site, Ordos basin, Geomech. Geophys. Geo-energ. Georesour., September 2017, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp 293–314 DOI 10.1007/s40948-017-0063-5.

2017 Harp, D., P.H. Stauffer, D. O’Malley, Z. Jiao, E.P. Egenolf, T.A. Miller, D. Martinez, K. A. Hunter, R.S. Middleton, J.M. Bielicki, R.J. Pawar, Development of Robust Pressure Management Strategies for Geologic CO2 Sequestration, Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control, 64, 43-59.

2016 Pawar, R.J., G. Bromhal, S.P. Chu, R.M. Dilmore, C. Oldenburg, P.H. Stauffer, Y. Zhang, G. Guthrie, The National Risk Assessment Parthnership’s Integrated Assessment Model for Carbon Storage:  A Tool to Support Decision Making Amidst Uncertainty, in press,  Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control, (June 2016).

2016 Raduha, S., D. Butler, P. Mosley, M. Person, J. Evans, J. Heath, T. Dewers, P.H. Stauffer, C. Gable, S. Kelkar, Potential Seal By-pass and Caprock Storage Produced by Deformation-Band-to-Opening Modefracture Transition at the Reservoir/Caprock Interface, Geofluids, (June, 2016). DOI: 10.1111/gfl.12177

2016  Yoshida, N., J.S. Levine, P.H. Stauffer, Investigation of uncertainty in CO2 reservoir models: a sensitivity analysis of relative permeability parameter values, In Press Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control, 49, 161–178 (June 2016). doi:10.1016/j.ijggc.2016.03.008

2016  Ziemkiewicz P., P.H. Stauffer, J. Sullivan-Graham, S.P. Chu, W. L. Bourcier, T. A. Buscheck, T.Carr, J. Donovan, Z. Jiao,L. Lin, L. Song, J. L. Wagoner, Opportunities for increasing CO2 Storage in Deep, Saline Formations by Active Reservoir Management and Treatment of Produced Brine: Case study at the GreenGen IGCC Facility, Tianjin, PR, China, Accepted Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control, (August, 2016).

2016  Winslow, D.M., A.T. Fisher, P.H. Stauffer, C.W. Gable, and A. Zyvoloski, Three-dimensional modeling of outcrop-to-outcrop hydrothermal circulation on the 1 eastern flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, J. of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 121(3), (March 2016). DOI: 10.1002/2015JB012606

2015 Jordon, A.J., P.H. Stauffer, E. E. Knight, E. Rougier1, and D.N. Anderson, Radionuclide Gas Transport through Nuclear Explosion-Generated Fracture Networks, Scientific Reports, 5:18383 | DOI: 10.1038/srep18383.

2015 Ball, J.L., P.H. Stauffer, E.S. Calder, G.A. Valentine, The Hydrothermal Alteration of Cooling Lava Domes, Bull Volcanology, 77, 102. DOI 10.1007/s00445-015-0986-z.

2015 Jordan, A.B., H. Boukhalfa, F.A. Caporuscio; B.A. Robinson, P.H. Stauffer, Hydrous Mineral Dehydration around Heat-Generating Nuclear Waste in Bedded Salt Formations, Environmental Science & Technology, 5:1-13. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b01002.

2015 Jordan, A.J., P.H. Stauffer, D.R. Harp, J.W. Carey, R.J. Pawar, A Response Surface Model to Predict CO2 and Brine Leakage along cemented wellbores, Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control, (33), pp. 27-39.

2015 Middleton, R.S., J.S. Levine, J.M. Bielicki, H.S. Viswana, J.W. Carey, P.H. Stauffer, Jumpstarting commercial-scale CO2 capture and storage with ethylene production and enhanced oil recovery in the U.S. Gulf, Greenhouse Gas Science and Technology, 5:1-13. DOI: 10.1002/ghg

2014 P.H. Stauffer, K.C. Lewis, J.S. Stein, B.J. Travis, P. Lichtner, G.A. Zyvoloski, Joule-Thomson Effects on the Flow of Liquid Water, Transport in Porous Media, Vol. 105 (3), December 2014. DOI 10.1007/s11242-014-0379-3.

2014 Jordon, A.J., J.K. MacCarthy, P.H. Stauffer, G.A. Zyvoloski, M.A. Person, D.N. Anderson, Uncertainty in Prediction of Radionuclide Gas Migration from Underground Nuclear Explosions, Vadose Zone J., Vol 13 (10). October 2014. doi:10.2136/vzj2014.06.0070.

2014 Dai, Z., P. H. Stauffer, J.W. Carey, R.S. Middleton, Z. Lu, J.F. Jacobs, K. Hnottavange-Telleen, L.H. Spangler, Pre-site characterization risk assessment for commercial-scale carbon sequestration, Environ. Sci. Technol , DOI: 10.1021/es405468.

2014  Dai, Z., E. Keating, D. Bacon, H.S. Viswanathan, P.H. Stauffer, A. Jordan, R.J. Pawar, Probabilistic evaluation of shallow groundwater resources at a hypothetical carbon sequestration site, Scientific Reports 4, doi:10.1038/srep04006

2014 Harp, D.R., P.H. Stauffer, P.K. Mishra, D.G. Levitt, B.A. Robinson, Modeling of High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal in a Salt Repository, Nuclear Technology, 187, Pages 294-307, Sept. 2014, http://dx.doi.org/10.13182/NT13-110.

2013 Deng, H., Z. Dai, A.V. Wolfsberg, M. Ye, P.H. Stauffer , Z. Lu, Upscaling Retardation Factor in Hierarchical Porous Media with Multimodal Reactive Mineral Facies. Chemosphere.  10.1016/j.chemosphere.2012.10.105. Epub 2012 Dec 20.

2013 Sullivan E.J., S.P. Chu, P.H. Stauffer & R. J. Pawar: A CO2-PENS model of methods and costs for treatment of water extracted during geologic carbon sequestration, Desalination and Water Treatment, 51/7-9, 1487-1493, DOI:10.1080/19443994.2012.71472.

2013 Sullivan, E.J., S.P. Chu, P.H. Stauffer, R.S. Middleton, R.J. Pawar, A method and cost model for treatment of water extracted during geologic CO2 storage, Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control, (12 ) 372–381, doi 10.1016/j.ijggc.2012.11.007 .

2012 Deng, H., P.H. Stauffer, Z. Dai, Zunsheng Jaio, R.S. Surdam, Simulation of Industrial-Scale CO2 Storage: Multi-Scale Heterogeneity and its Impacts on Storage Capacity, Injectivity and Leakage, Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control, Volume 10, September 2012, Pages 397–418 .

2012 Neeper, DA; and Stauffer, P, Transport by Oscillatory flow in Soils with Rate-limited Mass Transfer  I. Theory, Vadose Zone J , doi:10.2136/vzj2011.0093.

2012 Neeper, DA; and Stauffer, P, Transport by Oscillatory flow in Soils with Rate-limited Mass Transfer  II. Field Experiment, Vadose Zone J , doi:10.2136/vzj2011.0094.

2012 Middleton, R.S., G. Keating, P.H. Stauffer, A. Jordan, H. Viswanathan, Q. Kang, B. Carey, M. Mulkey, J. Sullivan, S.P. Chu, and R. Esposito, The multiscale science of CO2 capture and storage: From the pore scale to the regional scale.  Energy and Environmental Science, 5,7328 | doi:10.1039/C2EE03227A.

2012 Lu, Z., and Stauffer, P.H., On estimating functional average breakthrough curve using Time-Warping technique and perturbation approach.  Water Resources Research, doi:10.1029/2011WR011506, in press.

2012 Stauffer, P.H. and Z. Lu, Quantifying transport uncertainty in unsaturated rock using Monte Carlo sampling of retention curves, Vadose Zone J , 11, doi:10.2136/vzj2011.0171.

2012 Middleton, R.S., Keating, G.N., Stauffer, P.H., Viswanathan, H.S., Pawar, R.J., Effects of geologic reservoir uncertainty on CO2 transport and storage infrastructure. Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control, doi:10.1016/j.ijggc.2012.02.005.

2011 Stauffer, P.H., Viswanathan, H.S., Middleton, R.S., Keating, G.N., Berchtold, K.A., Singh, R.P., Mancino, A., Pawar, R.J., Greening coal: Breakthroughs and challenges of carbon capture and storage. Environ. Sci. Technol, 45, 8597–8604 dx.doi.org/10.1021/es200510f. 

2011 Keating, G, R.S. Middleton, P.H. Stauffer, H.S. Viswanathan, B.C. Letellier, P Pasqualini, R. Pawar, A.W. Wolfsberg, Meso-scale carbon sequestration site screening and CCS infrastructure analysis, Environ. Sci. Technol., (JAN 1 2011) Vol.45, iss.1, p.215-222

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2009 Stauffer, P.H., J.A. Vrugt, H.J. Turin, C.W. Gable, and W.E. Soll,  Untangling diffusion from advection in unsaturated porous media: Experimental data, modeling, and parameter uncertainty assessment.  Vadose Zone J., 8:510-522, doi:10.2136/vzj2008.0055.  Referenced in: Unsaturated Zone Interest Group Overcomes Barriers to Advance Interdisciplinary Science, Nimmo, J.R., B.J. Andraski, and R.Muñoz-Carpena. CSA News, 54(5).  Referenced to the Journal Cover  May 2009 Issue of the Vadose Zone J.

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1997  Stauffer P.H., Auer, L.H., and Rosenberg, N.D., Compressible gas in porous media: A finite amplitude analysis of natural convection, Int. J. of Heat and Mass Transfer, 40 (7), 1585-1589. 

Selected Los Alamos National Laboratory Reports (33)

2017 Johnson, P.J., S.M. Bourret, H. Boukhalfa, F.A. Caprouscio, G.A. Zyvoloski, D.J. Weaver, S. Otto, P.H. Stauffer, Experiments and Modeling to Support Field Test Design, Milestone M4SF-17LA010303022, LA-UR-17-27759, 98p. August 31, 2017.

2017 K.H. Birdsell, Stauffer, P.H., S.B. French, Special Analysis: 2017-001 – Disposal of Drums Containing Enriched Uranium in Pit 38 at Technical Area 54, Area G. 44p., LA-UR-17-24345.

2017 Stauffer, P.H., D.G. Levitt, T.A. Miller, A.B Jordan, S.P. Chu, Z.V. Dash, Groundwater Pathway Model for the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Technical Area 21, Material Disposal Area T, LA-UR-17-21054.

2017 Birdsell, K.H., P.H. Stauffer, A. Atchley, E. Miller, S.P. Chu, S.B. French, Annual Report for Los Alamos National Laboratory Technical Area 54, Area G Disposal Facility - Fiscal Year 2016, 82p., LA-UR-17-22215.

2017 Chu, S.P., P.H. Stauffer, K.H. Birdsell, J.M. Veilleux, S.B. French, Special Analysis: 2016-001 – Analysis of the Potential Under-Reporting of Am-241 Inventory for Nitrate Salt Waste at Area G, 41 p., AL-UR-17-26674.

2016 S.P. Chu. K.H. Birdsell, R. Shuman, P.H. Stauffer, Special Analysis: 2016-003 – Upgrade of Area G PA-CA Model to Updated Versions of GoldSim Software and to LANL Analysts, 44p., LA-UR-17-20616

2016 Bourret, S.M., P.J. Johnson, G.A. Zyvoloski, S.P. Chu, D.J. Weaver, S. Otto, H. Boukhalfa, F.A. Caporuscio, A.B. Jordan, P.H. Stauffer, 2016, Experiments and Modeling in Support of Generic Salt Repository Science, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USDOE Used Fuel Disposition Campaign, LA-UR-16-2732

2016 Hansen, F., S. Sobolik, Stauffer, P.H., Intermediate Scale Testing Report, September 14, 2016, US DOE-NE, Used Fuel Disposition Campaign, FCRD-UFD-000030 Rev. 0, Sandia National Laboratory Document SAND2016-9041R.

2016 Los Alamos Environmental Management (EM), Work Plan for a Tracer Test at Material Disposal Area L, Technical Area 54, Los Alamos National Laboratory Document LA-UR-16-xxxxx (primary author: Stauffer, P.H.)

2016 Los Alamos Environmental Management (EM), Interim Measures Progress Report for Soil-Vapor Extraction of Volatile Organic Compounds from Material Disposal Area L, Technical Area 54, Los Alamos National Laboratory Document LA-UR-16-23065 (primary author: Stauffer, P.H.)

2016  S.B. French, P.H. Stauffer, K.H. Birdsell, Annual Report for Los Alamos National Laboratory Technical Area 54, Area G Disposal Facility – Fiscal Year 2015, Los Alamos National Laboratory Document LA-UR-16-21238, 2016-02-29.

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2015 A.B. Jordan, G.A. Zyvoloski, D.J. Weaver, S. Otto, Stauffer, P.H., Coupled Thermal-Hydrologic-Chemical Model for In-Drift Disposal Test, September 25, 2015, US DOE-NE, Used Fuel Disposition Campaign, Level 4 Milestone, M4FT-15LA0819015, Los Alamos National Laboratory Document LA-UR-15-27442.

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2002 Stauffer, P.H., Tritium transport beneath surface impoundments at TA-53 modeling and analysis in support of data needs, Los Alamos National Laboratory Report, LA-UR-02-5321.

2000  Stauffer P.H., B. Robinson, and K. Birdsell, Modeling Transport in Los Alamos Canyon:  Effects of Hypothetical Increased Infiltration after the Cerro Grande Fire, Los Alamos National Laboratory Report, LAUR 00-5923.

2000  Stauffer P.H., K.Birdsell, M. Witkowski, T. Cherry, and J. Hopkins, Subsurface Vapor-Phase Transport of TCA at MDA L: Model Predictions, Los Alamos National Laboratory Report, LAUR 00-2080. 

Selected Conference Publications (30)

2017 Stauffer, P.H., K.H. Birdsell, Z. Dai, D. Levitt, A. Atchley, R.J. Pawar, S.P. Chu, and S.B. French, Simulated Impacts of Water Introduced into Pits 37 and 38 at Technical Area 54, Area G, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Waste Management-17 Conference, LA-UR-16-29480.

2017 Bourret, S., S. Otto, P.J. Johnson, D. Weaver, H. Boukalfa, P.H. Stauffer, High Level Waste in Salt Repositories: Experiments and Simulations of Evaporation in the Underground, Paper 17167, Waste Management-17 Conference, LA-UR-16-28158.

2017 Snyder, E., S. Marcazak, L. Salazar, J. Fordham, S.P. Chu, D. Strobridge, K.H. Birdsell, K. Rich, P.H. Stauffer, The Impact of Soil Vapor Extraction at Material Disposal Area L, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Paper 17155, Waste Management-17 Conference, LA-UR 17-21706.

2017 Nguyen, M., Y. Zhang, L. Jun, X. Li, B. Bai, H. Wu, N. Wei, P.H. Stauffer, A Geostatistical Study in Support of CO2 Storage in Deep Saline Aquifers of the Shenhua CCS Project, Ordos Basin, China, Energy Procedia, 114, July 2017, pp. 5826-5835.

2017 Ellett, K.M., R.S. Middleton,  P.H. Stauffer, J.A. Rupp, Facilitating CCS Business Planning by Extending the Functionality of the SimCCS Integrated System Model, Energy Procedia, 114, July 2017, pp. 6526-6535.

2017 Pawar, R., R. Dilmore, S.P. Chu, Y. Zhang, C. Oldenburg, P.H. Stauffer, G. Guthrie, B. Brohmhal, Informing Geologic CO2 Storage Site Management Decisions under Uncertainty:Demonstration of NRAP’s Integrated Assessment Model (NRAP-IAM-CS), Energy Procedia, 114, July 2017, pp. 4330-4337.

2017  Dai, Z., Y. Zhang, P.H. Stauffer , T. Xiao, , M. Zhang, W. Ampomah, , C. Yang, Y. Zou, M. Ding,  R.S. Middleton, R, Solitanian, J. Bielicki, Injectivity Evaluation for Offshore CO2 Sequestration in Marine Sediments, Energy Procedia, 114, July 2017, pp. 2921-2932.

2017 Hunter, K., J.M. Bielicki, Middleton, R.S, P.H. Stauffer, R.J. Pawar, D. Harp, D. Martinez, Integrated CO2 Storage and Brine Extraction , Energy Procedia, 114, July 2017, pp. 6331-6336.

2017 Middleton, R.S. J.S. Levine. J.M. Bielicki, P.H. Stauffer, Industrial CO2 and carbon capture: near-term benefit, long-term necessity, Energy Procedia, 114, July 2017, pp. 7601-7605.

2014 Bielicki, J.M., R.S. Middleton, J. Levine, P.H. Stauffer, An Alternative Pathway for Stimulating Regional Deployment of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage, GHGT-12, Energy Procedia, Volume 63, 2014, Pages 7215-7224.

2014 Stauffer P.H., Middleton, Rupp, Bai, Li, System integration linking CO2 Sources, Sinks, and Infrastructure for the Ordos Basin, ChinaGHGT-12, Energy Procedia, Volume 63, 2014, Pages 2702-2709.

2014 Pawar, Bronhal, Carroll, Chu, Dilmore, Gastelum, Oldenburg, P.H. Stauffer, Zhang, Guthrie, Quantification of Key Long-term Risks at CO2 Sequestration Sites: Latest Results from US DOE's National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP) Project, GHGT-12, ·  Energy Procedia, Volume 63, 2014, Pages 4816-4823 Pages 4765-47732014

2014 Sullivan, E.J., SP Chu, RJ Pawar, P.H. Stauffer, The CO2-PENS Water Resource Module: evaluation of cost profiles and importance scenarios for brackish water extracted during carbon storage, GHGT-12, Energy Procedia, Volume 63, 2014, Pages 7205-7214.

2014 Robinson, Weaver, P.H. Stauffer, Nelson, Buschman, The Salt Defense Disposal Investigations (SDDI): Current Status and Future Plans, WM-14, LA-UR-13-29193.

2014 Stauffer P.H., Robinson, Nelson, Harp, Jordan, Boikhalfa, Laybed, Ten Cate, Simulations in Support of the Salt Defense Disposal Initiative (SDDI): Water and Salt Transport Driven by Heat Generating Nuclear Waste in Bedded Salt, WM-14, LA-UR-13-27584.

2013 J.S. Levine, S. Kelkar, P.H. Stauffer, Hydraulic Fracturing During Injection of CO2 into Deep Ocean Sediments, American Rock Mechanics Association Symposium, San Franscisco CA, June 2013.

2013 Pawar, R.J., G. Brohmal, R. Dilmore, B. Foxall, E.Jones, C. Oldenburg, P.H. Stauffer, S. Unwin, G.Guthrie, Quantification of Risk Profiles and Impacts of Uncertantites as part of the US DOE’s National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP)., Energy Procedia, Volume 37, pages 4765-4773.

2013 R.C. Surdam, Z. Jiao, Y. Ganshin, R. Bentley, M. Garcia-Gonzalez, S.A. Quillinan, J.F. McLaughlin, P.H. Stauffer, H. Deng, Characterizations of the CCUS Attributes of a High-priority CO2 Storage Site in Wyoming, USA, Energy Procedia, Volume 37, 2013, Pages 3911-3918.

2013 A.J. Jordon, J.K. MacCarthy, P.H. Stauffer, G.A. Zyvoloski, M.A. Person, D.N. Anderson, Simulation of Radionuclide Gas Breakthrough from Underground Nuclear Explosions, Monitoring Research and Review, DTRA Project Meeting (10 pp)

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2011 Stauffer, P.H., Pawar R.J , R.C. Surdam, Z. Jiao, Hailin Deng, B.C. Lettelier,, H.S. Viswanathan, D.L. Sanzo, and G.N. Keating, Application of the CO2-PENS risk analysis tool to the Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming.  Energy Procedia, Volume 4, 2011, Pages 4084-4091

2011 Jiao Z., R. C. Surdam, Lifa Zhou, P.H. Stauffer, Tingting Luo, A feasibility study of geological CO2 sequestration in the Ordos Basin, China, Energy Procedia, Volume 4, 2011, Pages 5982-5989.

2011 Stauffer, P.H. K.H. Birdsell, and W.J. Rice, 3-D Model Validation in Support of Site Closure, Material Disposal Area L, Los Alamos, NM, Waste Management 2011, Phoenix Arizona, March 7-11.

2009 Stauffer, P.H., R.C. Surdam, Z. Jiao, T.A. Miller, Combining geologic data and numerical modeling to improve estimates of the CO2 sequestration potential of the Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming.  Energy Procedia, (2009) Vol.1, iss.1, p.2717-2724

2007  Stauffer, P.H., J.K,. Hopkins, and T. Anderson, “A Soil Vapor Extraction Pilot Study in a Deep Arid Vadose Zone Part 2: Simulations in Support of Decision Making Processes”, in Proceedings of the Waste Management Conference, paper 7185, Tucson AZ, Feb 26-March 1 2007, 19 pages.

2007  Anderson, T, P.H. Stauffer, J. Hopkins, B. Stewart, P. Mark, A Soil Vapor Extraction Pilot Study in a Deep Arid Vadose Zone, Part I: Field Study Summary, Waste Management Conference 2007, February 25–March 1, 2007, Tucson, Arizona, paper 7311, 13 pages.

2006 Stauffer, P.H, H.S. Viswanathan, R.J. Pawar, M.L. Klasky, and G.D. Guthrie M. Klasky. CO2-PENS: A CO2 Sequestration Systems Model Supporting Risk-Based Decisions, in Proceedings of the XVI International Conference on Comp. Methods in Water Resources, edited by P. J. Binning P. K. Engesgaard, H.K. Dahle, G. F. Pinder and W.G. Gray. Copenhagen, Denmark, June, 2006. 8 pages.

2006  Pawar R.J., John Lorenz2, Charles Byrer3, Reid Grigg4, Bruce Stubbs5, Robert Benson6, James Krumhansl2, Philip Stauffer, Sequestration of CO2 in a depleted sandstone oil reservoir: results of a field demonstration test, Proceedings of the Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference (GHGT8) Trondheim, June 2006 (2006).

2006  Pawar R.J., Carey, S. Chipera, J. Fessenden, J. Kaszuba, G. Keating, P. Lichtner, S. Olsen, P. Stauffer, H. Viswanathan, H. Ziock and G. Guthrie, Development of a framework for long-term performance assessment of geologic CO2 sequestration sites. In: N. Rokke, O. Bolland and J. Gale, Editors, Proceedings of the Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference (GHGT8) Trondheim, June 2006 (2006).



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