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Patrick M. Kelly

Patrick Kelly

Phone (505) 665-4665


Patrick Kelly is the Group Leader for the Information Sciences Group (CCS-3) at Los Alamos National Laboratory. This multidisciplinary group develops computational methods necessary for understanding highly complex data sets and the behavior of large-scale discrete systems. Activities involve all aspects of tool development, from basic research in the fundamental mathematical and algorithmic underpinnings for data analysis, to the creation of end-user software products for a variety of application areas.   Patrick has spent much of his career developing algorithms and software libraries for image processing and pattern recognition. Some of his previous projects included the development of algorithms for document image analysis (automated segmentation, script identification), satellite image analysis (tracking urban growth), document retrieval (N-gram representations and analysis), and content-based retrieval systems for image databases. His current research interests include object tracking for video surveillance, methods for knowledge capture, and agent-based modeling.       


M.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of New Mexico, May 1992 
B.S. in Computer Engineering, University of New Mexico, May 1990

LANL Positions

Group Leader, Information Sciences Group (February 2008 - present)

Deputy Group Leader, Information Sciences Group (July 2007 - February 2008)

Team Leader, Machine Learning & Image Processing (October 1994 - July 2007)

Technical Staff Member (October 1992 - October 1994)

Graduate Research Assistant (May 1990 - October 1992)



J.G. Hochberg, P.M. Kelly, T.R. Thomas, "Script identification from images using cluster-based templates" US 5,844,991 (1998)



Selected Publications

R. Porter, C. Ruggiero, D. Hush, N. Harvey, P. Kelly, W. Scoggins, L. Tandon.  “Interactive Image Quantification Tools in Nuclear Material Forensics”. Proceedings of SPIE Vo. 7877, 2011. 

D. Hush, P. Kelly, C. Scovel and I. Steinwart. "QP Algorithms with Guaranteed Accuracy and Run Time for Support Vector Machines". Journal of Machine Learning Research 7(May):733-769, 2006. 
J. Hochberg, M. Cannon, and P. Kelly. "Script and Language Identification for Handwritten Document Images". International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition. Volume 2, Number 2, pages 45-52, 1999. 
M. Cannon, J. Hochberg, and P. Kelly. "Quality Assessment and Restoration of Typewritten Document Images". International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition. Volume 2, Number 2, pages 80-89-52, 1999. 
J. Hochberg, P. Kelly, T. Thomas, L. Kerns. "Automatic Script Identification from Document Images Using Cluster-Based Templates". IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine , Volume 19, Number 2, pp. 176-181, February 1997. 
P.M .Kelly, D.R. Hush, and J.M. White. "An Adaptive Algorithm for Modifying Hyperellipsoidal Decision Surfaces", Journal of Artificial Neural Networks, Vol. 1, pages 49-480, 1994.