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Miles Frank Beaux II

Miles Beaux

Phone (505) 695-3241


  • Chemical Science
  • Actinide chemistry
  • Plutonium
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Computational Physics and Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Math
  • Materials
  • Materials by design
  • Functional materials
  • Radiological materials
  • Plutonium chemistry
  • Chemical vapor deposition
  • Physical vapor deposition
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Nanotechnology
  • Electron microscopy
  • Interface engineering
  • Design of next generation nuclear fuels
  • Photoemission spectroscopies
  • Condensed matter
  • Soft and biological materials
  • Nuclear Engineering and Technology
  • Cladding materials
  • Actinides
  • Transuranics
  • Actinide characterization


  • Actinide research utilizing photoemission spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopy (SPM) techniques.
  • Thin and thick film deposition via broad range of physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techniques.
  • Materials synthesis and characterizations of one dimensional (1D) nanomaterials such as nanowires and nanosprings.


Ph.D., Physics, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID., 2010

M.S., Physics, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID., 2008

B.S., Physics with Mathematics Minor / Idaho State Secondary Teaching Cert., University of Idaho, Moscow, ID., 2005

Teaching Cert.: English as a Foreign Language, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT., 1999




LANL Positions

IMS Los Alamos guest scientist, Institute for Materials Science (IMS), 2017-present

Scientist 2, Engineered Materials (MST-7), 2015-present

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Engineered Materials (MST-7), 2014-2015

Seaborg Postdoctoral Fellow, Condensed Matter and Magnetic Science (MPA-CMMS), 2011-2012

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Condensed Matter and Magnetic Science (MPA-CMMS), 2010-2011



Institute for Materials Science (IMS) Rapid Response grant as PI, 2017

Poster Prize (1 of 3), Plutonium Futures - The Science 2016 for the contribution titled "Development of AFM and STM Capabilities for Plutonium"

Los Alamos National Laboratory LAAP Award In recognition of excellent performance and sincere commitment to MST-7 for Pyrolytic Coating Renewal, 2016

Los Alamos National Laboratory LAAP TEAM AWARD for outstanding performance and lasting contribution in support of the laboratory's mission and values by ENHANCED MICROSCOPY CAPABILITY AT TFF, 2014

Seaborg Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011-2012

Research Assistant of the Year Award, University of Idaho Physics Department, 2009-2010

Glen E. and Jean K. Nielsen Science Scholarship, 2007-2008

Keck Award, for bending not breaking under pressure, University of Idaho Physics Department, 2004.

Employee of the Year, Palouse Empire Gymnastics, 2003



Beaux, Miles F., Corti, Giancarlo, McIlroy, David N., and Norton, M. Grant, “Nanostructured High Surface Area Supports for Biomolecule, Chemical, Drug, and Cell Attachment Applications and Methods of Making the Same,” U.S. Patent WO/2011/100638.

T. Cantrell, G. Corti, D. N. McIlroy, M. G. Norton, and M. F. Beaux, “Catalytic Converters, Insert Materials for Catalytic Converters, and Methods of Making,” U.S. Patent WO/2011/127095.



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