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Micheline Devaurs

Micheline Devaurs

Phone (505) 667-1519


  • Computational Physics and Applied Mathematics
  • Numerical modeling
  • Earth and Space Sciences
  • Subsurface flow and transport
  • Hydrology
  • Materials
  • Materials behavior in extreme environments,


Assist capture manager for the proposed Matter-Radiation Interactions in Extremes (MaRIE) facility

Coordinate strategy for development and implementation of technical, marketing and facility acquisition aspects of the project.


MS, Watershed Science, Utah State University, Logan, Utah, 8/1983

Thesis: “Variability Studies of Infiltration within Large Runoff Plots on Rangelands” (GPA 4.0)

BS (cum laude; GPA 3.554), University of California, Berkeley, CA, College of Natural Resources, 7/1981


LANL Positions

Strategic Coordination Lead for MaRIE, 3/08 to present Assist capture manager for the proposed Matter-Radiation Interactions in Extremes (MaRIE) facility coordinate strategy for development and implementation of technical, marketing and facility acquisition aspects of the project.

Contractor Assurance Office Deployed Support to Threat Reduction Directorate, 6/2006 to 3/2008 Assist line management in development and implementation of metrics and measures, issues and corrective action management, assessment processes, and project management. Develop and apply tools to assist line management in driving performance improvements.

Acting Associate Deputy Director, National Security, 5/2005 to 6/2006 Integrate program, science, business and infrastructure components into an institutional strategic plan; understand institutional program development investments; serve as backup to Deputy Director. Special projects in institutional recruitment and retention, transition to LANS, and serve as member of Corrective Action Review Board (CARB).

Acting Associate Director, Strategic Research Directorate , 7/2004 to 4/2005  Provide scientific technical leadership and operational line management of 1700 person directorate with $200M program portfolio, including four technical divisions—Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Materials Science and Technology, and Theoretical—two institutional supporting divisions, Science and Technology Base and Technology Transfer Division, and program offices in the areas of Office of Science, Nuclear Technology and Energy and Environment. Science advocate on Executive Board.

Transition to Acting Deputy Associate Director when permanent AD named, 3/2005

Division Leader, Decision Applications Division, 1/2002 to 7/2004 Provide scientific technical leadership and line management to a 280-person division with $74M budget whose vision is to dominate research and development of major new decision applications, including nuclear systems and very big scale socio-technical environmental simulations and apply them to Laboratory and national security decisions. The major core competencies in the Division include statistics, systems analysis/systems effectiveness, risk assessments and system simulations. (Deputy Division Leader and Acting Division Leader 1/02  - 6/02.)

Planning Director, Weapons Physics Directorate, 10/2001 – 12/2001 Lead development of strategic planning approach for major program elements, including experimental programs, pit certification and advanced computing; developed associated project management approach.

Deputy Program Director, Materials and Manufacturing Program, 11/2000 – 10/2001 Responsible for line management of 30 employees and $300M for execution of LANL DP-20 programs that include weapons component manufacturing and surveillance, nuclear materials management, quality and manufacturing systems, technology and process development to support manufacturing, and associated facilities; lead role in modern pit facility planning.

Acting Program Manager, 9/2000 - 12/2000 Directed stockpile work. Responsible for managing implementation of nuclear weapon component manufacturing and surveillance at LANL; currently a $48M program; responsible for direction of five staff and nine project leaders.

Technical Staff Member, Nuclear Weapons Program, Materials and Manufacturing, 7/1999 – 11/2000  Served as staff assistant to program director for material and manufacturing, applying program management knowledge and big-picture strategic thinking.

Deputy Group Leader, Environmental Science Group, 3/1998 – 7/1999 Responsible for managing interdisciplinary basic and applied research in environmental science emphasizing surface processes; broadening funding base; line management of 40 employees.

Waste Management Program Manager, 3/1995 – 3/1998  Managed and directed Los Alamos implementation of waste management activities within line organization. Primary customer interface with DOE. Responsible for leadership and direction of $60M program; directly managed two University of California staff and five contractors.

Pollution Prevention Program Manager, 5/1994 – 3/1995 Responsible for management and implementation of Laboratory’s pollution prevention and waste minimization program. Implemented chargeback program to charge minimally for waste generation, developed strategic action plan focusing on priority waste types and facility implementation, tripled Los Alamos waste management/pollution prevention implementation funding. Managed nine staff and $4.5M program.

Staff Member, Environmental Management Program 6/1993 – 4/1994 Trouble shoot environmental management challenges; initiator and leader of environmental management interface issues resolution committee; coordinator of environmental program five-year plan.

Staff Member (change of duty assignment to DOE HQ), 6/1992 – 5/1993 DOE/Office of Tank Waste Programs (EM-36) LANL Hanford Tank Waste Remediation System (TWRS) Program Technical Support Office Germantown, Maryland. Provided technical support for decisions in connection with the low-level waste (LLW) disposal (grout) subsystem of TWRS. Supported DOE HQ personnel in LLW strategic planning and TWRS technical rebaselining activities.

Programmatic Project Leader, Environmental Restoration Group, 4/1990 – 6/1992   Managed technical and programmatic implementation of hazardous waste RCRA corrective action for selected Los Alamos sites. Responsible for implementation of site characterization at first Los Alamos site through the process (former plutonium processing facility) and accompanying ER Program policy development. Managed $8 million and supervised 10 staff members.

Staff Member, Environmental Science Group, 8/1987 – 4/1990  Principal Investigator of group activities in ER Program. Supervised two technicians, matrix and contract personnel. Use field data and modeling to determine long-term erosion and vadose zone radionuclide movement beneath waste disposal sites.

Staff Member, Environmental Compliance Management Office, 10/1986 – 8/1987 Member of Program Office, overseeing environmental compliance activities at Los Alamos.

Staff Member, Environmental  Surveillance Group, 2/1985 – 10/1986  Responsible for vadose zone characterization studies near waste disposal areas (required for compliance with RCRA ground water monitoring provisions). Supervised one technician, contract management.

Graduate Research Assistant, 6/1984 – 2/1985 Assisted in ground water contaminant transport and water balance computer simulation studies.


Professional Societies

Valedictorian, College of Natural Resources, University of California, Berkeley, 1981

President’s Undergraduate Fellowship for Research on Federal/State Relations in Quarter Quality

University of California, Berkeley, 1980 – 1981

Scholarship for Academic Achievement, Cal Alumni Association, University of California, Berkeley, 1978 - 1981

Honor Students Society, University of California, Berkeley, 1976 - 1981

President’s Graduate Fellowship, Utah State University, 1981 – 1982

Vice chair of Division Leader Council (2004) and member of Women’s Diversity Working Group, 1992

Leadership New Mexico participant (2005 - 2006); Leadership Los Alamos participant, 2008 - 2009



DOE AL Quality Award (silver) for management of LANL Waste Management Program and DOE AL

Quality Award (bronze) for LANL Waste Management Strategies team on Site Wide Environmental Impact Statement (1997)



Devaurs, M., “Cost-Effective Solutions to Site Remediation; Reducing Risk by Understanding Environmental and Engineering Processes,” case study in Chapter 6 of draft DOE book/CD entitled “Vadose Zone Science and Technology Solutions”, January 2000.

Devaurs, M, Brooks, D., Kelly, E., Wagner, S., and Vocke, R., “Integrating Environmental Restoration Management Within DOE Using an Alternative Identification and Evaluation Procedure,” in Waste Management ’92 Proceedings, March 1-5, 1992.

Devaurs, M, “Modeling in Radio Nuclide Transport at Inactive Material disposal Area T., TA-21, “Los Alamos National Laboratory Report LA-11544-MS, April 1989.

Devaurs, M., and Springer, E., “Representing Soil Moisture in Experimental Trench Cover Designs for Waste Burial with the CREAMS model, published in “Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Materials, 5(4.), pp. 295-312 (1988).

Devaurs, M.A.,  Springer, E.P., Lane, L.J., and Langhorst, G.L., “Prediction Methodology for Contaminant Transport from Rangeland Watersheds,” published in “Proceedings of the 1988 International Symposium on Modeling Agricultural, Forest and Rangeland Hydrology,” Chicago, Ill, December 12-13, 1988 (American Society of Agricultural Engineers, 1988), pp. 69-74.

Devaurs, M.A., “Use of the CREAMS Model to Represent Soil Moisture Under Various Trench Cover Designs for Waste Burial,” published in “Proceedings of the International Topical Meeting on Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Management Spectrum” ’88, Pasco, WA, September 11-15, 1998 (American Nuclear Society, 1988), pp. 383-385.

Devaurs, M., and Gifford, G.F., “Applicability of the Green and Ampt Infiltration Equation to Rangelands”, published in Water Resource Bulletin 22(1): pp. 19-27 (1986).

Devaurs, M., “Core Analyses and Observation Well Data from Mesita del Buey Waste Disposal Areas and in Adjacent Canyons,” LA-UR 85-4003 (1985).

Devaurs, M., and Purtymun, W.D., “Hydrologic Characteristics of the Alluvial Aquifers in Mortandad, Canada del Bueyh and Pajarito Canyons, LA-UR-85-4002 (1985).

Devaurs, M., and Clifford, G.F., “Variability of Infiltration Within Large Runoff Plots on Rangelands,” published in Range Manage, 37(6): pp. 523-528 (1984).