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Kimberly Ann DeFriend Obrey

Kimberly Obrey

Phone (505) 606-0344


Kimberly A. DeFriend Obrey is a R&D Manager 2 and Project Manager in the Polymers and Coatings group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She has nearly 13 years experience in  Materials Science for global security and the nuclear weapons complex. Core competencies: • Strategic Planning & Organizational and Line Leadership • U.S. Nuclear Weapons Program and Mission • Project Management and PMP certified • Technical Leadership and Vision • Inorganic and organic porous materials, with specific emphasis on aerogel materials • Adaptability, Teaming and People Skills • Communication, Program Development, Presentations • New Challenges Scientific specialties: • Synthesis of porous solids and response of materials • Technical direction and project management for multiple, interdisciplinary task teams in Life      Extension Programs for nuclear weapon systems and Enhanced Surveillance. • Target Fabrication for the ICF and HED programs • Linking product applications and requirements and translating to performance and engineering   models, bulk mechanical properties and characterization methods, structure property      relationships, underlying polymer formulation and chemical properties, and potential lifetime issues • Delivering and reporting on scientific results for DOE programs.


2002: Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, Rice University, Houston, TX, Advisor: Prof. Andrew R. Barron, Dissertation: Controlling Ceramic Porosity using Carboxylate-Alumoxane Nanoparticles
1998: B.A. in Chemistry with Minor in Business Management, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

LANL Positions

2002-2005: Postdoctoral Research Associate, MST-7, Materials Science and Technology Division

2005-2006: Technical Staff Member, MST-7, Materials Science and Technology Division

2006-2013: Project Leader and R&D Scientist 3, MST-7, Materials Science and Technology Division

2013-2014: Technical Project Manager, MST-7, Materials Science and Technology Division

2014-Present: R&D Manager 2, MST-7, Materials Science and Technology Division



2014- Leadership On-Ramp, Endorsed

2013- Manager On-Ramp, Endorsed

2013- Project Management Professional (PMP) certified

2013- LANL Pollution Prevention Award, Silver Award

2014- Women's History Month panel participant

2011- LAAP Award for Program Management

2007- Defense Programs Award of Excellence, For applying NMET to measure composition, structure, dimensions, and surface roughness of beryllium ICF capsules and DT ice layers, 2007

1998-2002- Robert A. Welch Fellowship, Rice University

Book Chapters

DeFriend, Kimberly. “Aerogel” World Book Advanced. 13 Feb. 2008.



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