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Justin Kane Pagano

Justin Pagano

Phone (505) 665-5468


  • Chemical Science
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Actinide chemistry
  • Chemical synthesis


  • Transition-metal catalyzed main-group bond forming reactions
  • Photocatalyzed reactions
  • Electrochemistry
  • Synthesis of transition-metal and actinide organometallics
  • Multinuclear NMR, UV/visible-NIR, and IR spectroscopies
  • Single crystal X-ray diffractometry


  • PhD in Chemistry. University of Vermont, Burlington, VT. Dissertation: "Cyclopentadienyl Compounds of the First Row Transition Metals and Early Actinides: Novel Main-Group Bond Forming Catalysis and New Metallacycles." Advisor: Prof. Rory Waterman
  • BS in Chemistry (with honors). Lafayette College, Easton, PA. "Synthesis and Electrochemistry of 1,1'-Disubstituted Cobaltocenium Hexafluorophosphate Complexes." Advisor: Prof. Chip Nataro

LANL Positions

  • Glenn T. Seaborg Postdoctoral Fellow. 8/1/17-present. Advisor: Dr. Jaqueline Kiplinger
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate: 3/22/17-8/1/17. Advisor: Dr. Jaqueline Kiplinger
  • DOE SCGSR Graduate Student Fellow: 2/1/15-12/20/15. Advisor: Dr. Jaqueline Kiplinger

Professional Societies

  • American Chemical Society


  • American Institute of Chemists Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award (2016)
  • LANL Student Distinguished Performance Award (2015)
  • US Department of Energy Office of Science SCGSR Fellow (2015)


1. Roering, Andrew. J., Elrod, Lee. T., Pagano, Justin K., Guillot, Sarah. L., Chan, Stephanie. M., Tanski, Joeseph. M., Waterman, Rory. "A general synthesis of phosphaalkenes at zirconium with liberation of phosphaformamides." Dalton Trans., Vol.42, p.1159-1167, 2013.

2. Pagano, Justin K., Sylvester, Emily C., Warnick, Eugene P., Dougherty, William G., Piro, Nicholas A., Kassel, Scott, Nataro, C. "Electrochemical parameterization of 1,1'-disubstituted cobaltocenium compounds." J. Organomet. Chem., Vol.750, p.107-111, 2014.

3. Pagano, Justin K., Stelmach, John P. W., Waterman, Rory. "Cobalt-catalyzed ammonia borane dehydrocoupling and transfer hydrogenation under aerobic conditions." Dalton Trans., Vol.44, p.12074-12077, 2015.

4. Pagano, Justin K., Dorhout, Jacquelyn M.,  Waterman, Rory, Czerwinski, Kenneth R., Kiplinger, Jaqueline L. "Phenylsilane as a safe, versatile alternative to hydrogen for the synthesis of actinide hydrides", Chem. Commun., Vol.51, iss.98, p.17379-17381, 2015.

5. Pagano, Justin K., Dorhout, Jacquelyn M., Czerwinski, Kenneth R., Morris, David E., Scott, Brian L., Waterman, Rory, Kiplinger, Jaqueline L. "Tuning the Oxidation State, Nuclearity, and Chemistry of Uranium Hydrides with Phenylsilane and Temperature: The Case of the Classic Uranium(III) Hydride Complex [(C5Me5)2U(H)]2", Organometallics, Vol.35, iss.5, p.617-620, 2016.

6. Lichtscheidl, Alejando G., Pagano, Justin K., Scott, Brian L., Morris, David E., Waterman, Rory, Kiplinger, Jaqueline L. "Expanding the Chemistry of Actinide Metallocene Bromide Chemistry. Synthesis, Properties, and Molecular Structures of the Tetravalent and Trivalent Uranium Bromide Complexes: (C5Me4R)2UBr2, (C5Me4R)2U(O-2,6-iPr2C6H3)(Br), and [K(THF)][(C5Me4R)2UBr2] (R = Me, Et)." Inorganics, Vol.4, p.1-17, 2016.

7. Pagano, Justin K., Erickson, Karla A., Scott, Brian L., Morris, David E., Waterman, Rory, Kiplinger, Jaqueline L. "Synthesis and characterization of a new and electronically unusual uranium metallacyclocumulene, (C5Me5)2U(1,2,3,4-PhC4Ph)", J. Organomet. Chem., Vol.829, p.79-84, 2017.

8. Pagano, Justin K., Ackley, Brandon J., Waterman, Rory. "Iron catalyzed alpha-phosphinidene elimination from primary phosphines." Chem. Eur.-J., Accepted.

9. Pagano, Justin K., Farmiloe, S. E., Bange, C. A, Waterman, Rory. "Visible-light photocatalysis using a commercially available iron compound." Organometallics, Accepted.