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Judith Winterkamp White

Judy White

Phone (505) 667-1264


  • Computational Physics and Applied Mathematics
  • Numerical modeling
  • Algorithms
  • Computational fluid dynamics applications on advanced architectures
  • Computer and Computational Sciences
  • High performance computing
  • Data-Intensive computing
  • Earth and Space Sciences
  • Geoscience
  • Geophysics
  • Geology
  • Climate modeling
  • Computer and Computational Sciences
  • High performance computing


  • Scientific code development for high performance massively-parallel architectures
  • Data assimilation, manipulation, post-processing, analysis, and visualization of complex, multi-dimensional data sets
  • Development of parallelized computational fluid dynamics tools
  • Parallel computing software including MPI, PVM, Moab, LSF, Totalview, and Paraview, as well as FORTRAN, C, Python, UNIX, and OSX



B.S. Mathematics, 1977, University of Texas, Austin,  TX

       Minor: Computer Science

       Graduated with High Honors, Phi Beta Kappa



LANL Positions

Technical Staff Member, EES-5 / EES-8 / EES-2 / EES-16, Geoanalysis / Earth and Environmental Sciences / Atmospheric Sciences / Atmospheric, Climate, and Environmental Dynamics / Computational Earth Science Groups  -  1987-present  (50% time position)

Technical Staff Member, J-10 / G-6 / EES-5, Geoanalysis Group  -  1980-1986 



Los Alamos Awards Program (LAAP) 2012

Los Alamos SPOT Award 2009

Los Alamos Awards Program (LAAP) 2008

Los Alamos Awards Program (LAAP) 2005

Co-Investigator on 2004 Federal Laboratory Consortium Far-West and

       Mid-Continent Regions’ Outstanding Technology Award

Co-Investigator on 2003 R&D 100 award-winning entry “FIRETEC: A Physics-Based Wildfire Model”

Los Alamos Awards Program (LAAP) 2003

Received 2000 Hot Skills salary adjustment

Nuclear Weapons Program Award of Excellence, 1988

Nuclear Weapons Program Award of Excellence, 1985

Los Alamos National Laboratory Distinguished Performance Award, 1984, for GEODES development (Winterkamp and Neergaard)




[Linn, R * Winterkamp, J * Edminster, C * Colman, JJ * Smith, WS], "Coupled influences of topography and wind on wildland fire behaviour", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF WILDLAND FIRE, Vol.16, iss.2, p.183-195, 2007.

[Linn, RR * Winterkamp, JL * Weise, DR * Edminster, C], "A numerical study of slope and fuel structure effects on coupled wildfire behaviour", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF WILDLAND FIRE, Vol.19, iss.2, p.179-201, 2010.

[Linn, R * Anderson, K * Winterkamp, J * Brooks, A * Wotton, M * Dupuy, JL * Pimont, F * Edminster, C], "Incorporating field wind data into FIRETEC simulations of the International Crown Fire Modeling Experiment (ICFME): preliminary lessons learned", CANADIAN JOURNAL OF FOREST RESEARCH-REVUE CANADIENNE DE RECHERCHE FORESTIERE, Vol.42, iss.5, p.879-898, MAY 2012.

[Linn, Rodman R. * Sieg, Carolyn H. * Hoffman, Chad M. * Winterkamp, Judith L. * McMillin, Joel D.], "Modeling wind fields and fire propagation following bark beetle outbreaks in spatially-heterogeneous pinyon-juniper woodland fuel complexes", AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST METEOROLOGY, Vol.173, p.139-153, MAY 15 2013.