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Jie Ren

Jie Ren

Phone (505) 667-5421


  • Chemical Science
  • Quantum dots
  • Photovoltaics
  • Solid-state lighting
  • Nanostructured quantum confined materials
  • Computational Physics and Applied Mathematics
  • Partial differential equations
  • Monte Carlo methods
  • Molecular dynamics
  • Applied Math
  • Agent-based applications
  • Statistics
  • Complex system evolutions
  • Network modeling
  • Epidemiology modeling
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Networks
  • Biological systems
  • Social networks
  • Network modeling
  • Network dynamics
  • Reverse engineering
  • Game Theory
  • Decoherence
  • Foundations of quantum mechanics
  • Efficient classical simulation of quantum many body systems
  • Materials
  • Materials by design
  • Functional materials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Superconductivity
  • Thermodynamic
  • Statistical mechanics properties of materials
  • Condensed matter theory
  • Photovoltaics
  • Science of Signatures - Remote and Standoff Sensing
  • Photon
  • Photonic band gap (PBG) structures
  • Information Science and Technology
  • Social behavioral analysis
  • Social and collaborative computing


Nonequilibrium quantum transport and energy harvesting

  • Phononics, Thermal Transport and Smart Energy Control
  • Thermoelectrics and Solar Energy Harvesting in low-dimensional nano-systems
  • Nonequilibrium energy transport in hybridized exotic condensed matter materials, including topological insulator/superconductor/grapheme/quantum dot.

Stochastic process and directed transport

  • Thermodynamics of nonequilibrium steady state
  • Fluctuation theorems in directed transport
  • Heat conduction in low-dimensional nano-systems
  • Molecular motors

Computational Systems Biology

  • Dynamics of signaling transduction pathways and gene regulatory networks
  • Evolutionary dynamics of population genetics and biological networks;
  • Neurodynamics.

Nonlinear dynamics and complexity science

  • Chaotic synchronization and control;
  • Critical phenomena and phase transition;
  • Human behavior modeling;
  • Reverse engineering of dynamics and topology of complex networks.

Collective dynamics in information systems

  • Collaborative Filtering and Extracting Hidden Information;
  • Machine learning and statistical pattern recognition;
  • Search Engine & Recommender Systems.


Ph.D in Physics, National University of Singapore (NUS) - 07/2007~12/2011                       Thesis: Nonequilibrium Energy Transport in Time-Dependent Driven System Advisor: Prof. Baowen Li

B. S. in Physics, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) - 09/2002~07/2006                    Thesis: Complexity: Structure, Dynamics and Function (Best Thesis) Advisor: Prof. Bing-Hong Wang


LANL Positions

Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Theoretical Division - 04/2012 - present



LANL Director’s Postdoctoral Fellowship 04/2012           

National Excellent Award for Outstanding Oversea Ph.D Student, China 06/2011           

CeNS Publication Award 2010, LMU Germany 10/2010           

Scholarship of the Complex System Summer School of Santa Fe Institute 06/2008           

NGS Graduate Fellowship, NUS Singapore 07/2007           

Excellent Thesis Award of USTC (Theme: “Complexity: Structure, Dynamics and Function”) 07/2006          

Second-Class Medal of “Challenge Cup” for the Essay Contest of Natural Science, China (Theme: “Monte Carlo Simulation of Characteristic Kα-ray in Diamond and Graphite”) 06/2005          

Outstanding Award for Undergraduate Research Program, USTC (Theme: “Monte Carlo Study of Kα-ray in Allotropy of Carbon”) 05/2005           

Vice President of College Student Committee, USTC 01/2004            

Outstanding Students Scholarship, USTC 10/2003          



Invited Reviews:

“Colloquium: Phononics: Manipulating Heat Flow with Electronic Analogs and Beyond”, N. Li, Jie Ren, L. Wang, G. Zhang, P. Hanggi, and B. Li, Rev. Mod. Phys. 84, 1045 (2012) (cited: 60)

Highlighted by Media, such as Headline of Wen Hui Bao newspaper; Science News of China.


“Theory of asymmetric and negative differential magnon tunneling under temperature bias: Towards spin Seebeck diode and transistor.”, Jie Ren and J.-X. Zhu, arXiv: 1307.1726 (under review at PRB)

“Asymmetric Andreev Reflection Induced Hall-like Effects in Metal/Anisotropic Superconductor Junctions.”, Jie Ren and J.-X. Zhu, arXiv: 1306.4282 (under review at PRL)

“Anomalous Heat Diffusion.”, S. Liu, P. Hanggi, N. Li, Jie Ren and B. Li, arXiv: 1306.3167 (under review at PRL)

“Predicted Rectification ad Negative Differential Spin Seebeck Effect at Magnetic Interfaces.”, Jie Ren, arXiv: 1305.0301 (under review at PRL)

“Heat Diode Effect and Negative Differential Thermal Conductance across Nanoscale Metal- DielectricInterfaces”, Jie Ren and J.-X. Zhu, Phys. Rev. B 87, 241412(R) (2013) (Rapid Communication)

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“Quantum transport of double quantum dots coupled to an oscillator in arbitrary strong coupling regime”, C. Wang, Jie Ren, B. Li, and Q. H. Chen, Eur. Phys. J. B 85, 110 (2012) (cited: 3)

Highlighted by Media, such as Science Daily; PhysOrg; Springer Select; AAAS, EurekAlert; Europhysics News.

“Uncovering evolution ages of nodes in complex networks”, G.-M. Zhu, H. J. Yang, R. Yang, Jie Ren, B. Li, and Y.-C. Lai, Eur. Phys. J. B 85, 106 (2012) (cited: 2)

“Evidence for Positive Selection on a Number of MicroRNA Regulatory Interactions during Recent Human Evolution”, J. Li, Y. Liu, X. Xin, T. Kim, E. A. Cabeza, Jie Ren, R. Nielsen, J. Wrana, and Z. Zhang, PLoS. Genetics 8, e1002578 (2012) (cited: 8)

“Multiresonance of energy transport and absence of heat pump in a force-driven lattice”, S. Zhang, Jie Ren, and B. Li, Phys. Rev. E 84, 031122 (2011) (cited: 5)

Highlights of Student Achievements of UROPS research, Faculty of Science, NUS, 2011

“The Phonon Hall Effect: theory and application”, L. Zhang, Jie Ren, J.-S. Wang, and B. Li, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 23, 305402 (2011) (cited: 7)

“Duality and fluctuation relations for statistics of currents on cyclic graphs”, Jie Ren, V. Y. Chernyak, and N. A. Sinitsyn, J. Stat. Mech. P05011 (2011) (cited: 5)

“Topological Nature of Phonon Hall Effect”, L. Zhang, Jie Ren, J.-S. Wang, and B. Li, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 225901 (2010) (cited: 14)

Research Highlights of Faculty of Science, NUS, 2011

“Berry-Phase-Induced Heat Pumping and Its Impact on the Fluctuation Theorem”, Jie Ren, P. Hanggi, and B. Li, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 170601 (2010) (cited: 51)

Selected as “PRL Editor’s Suggestion” Research Highlights of Nature Physics 6, 400 (2010). Research Highlights of Department of Physics, NUS, 2010 Winner of the CeNS Publication Award 2010, LMU Germany.

“Emergence and control of heat current from strict zero thermal bias”, Jie Ren and B. Li, Phys. Rev. E 81, 021111 (2010) (cited: 23)

Selected by the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science&Technology for the Feb 15, 2010 issue.

"Noise Bridges Dynamical Correlation and Topology in Coupled Oscillator Networks”, Jie Ren, W.-X. Wang, B. Li, and Y.-C. Lai, Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 058701 (2010) (cited: 50)

Highlighted by APS, Division of Biological Physics, April 2010 Newsletter. Research Highlights of Department of Physics, NUS, 2010

“Thermodynamic stability of small-world oscillator networks: A case study of proteins”, Jie Ren and B. Li, Phys. Rev. E 79, 051922 (2009) (cited: 8)

Highlighted by APS, Division of Biological Physics, June 2009 Newsletter. Selected by the Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research for the June 1, 2009 issue.

“Information filtering via self-consistent refinement”, Jie Ren, T. Zhou, Y.-C. Zhang, Europhysics Letters 82, 58007 (2008) (cited: 42)

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