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Igal Brener

Igal Brener

Phone (505) 844-8097


  • CINT
  • Synthesis
  • Property Measurements
  • Prediction: theory, modeling and computational techniques




Ultrafast lasers and phenomena

Terahertz science and technology



D.Sc., Physics, Technion, Haifa, Israel, 1991

B.A., Physics, Technion, Haifa, Israel, 1983

B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Technion, Haifa, Israel, 1983


Professional Appointments

Senior Scientist, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque

More details available at LinkedIn


Professional Societies

Optical Society of America

Materials Research Society


American Physical Society




Fellow of the American Physical Society (2016)

R&D 100 award (team member) “Stress-Induced Fabrication (SIF) of Functionally Designed Nanomaterials” (2016)

Guest Professor, University of Jena (2016)

R&D 100 award (team member) “Membrane Projection Lithography” (2013)

Fellow of the IEEE (2013)

Lady Davis Fellow (2012)

Award for Research Excellence, SNL, Grand Challenge Metamaterials (2011)

LDRD Award for Excellence, SNL, Miniature Flow Cytometer (2008)

Fellow of the Optical Society of America (2007)

Award of Excellence, Bell Labs (1999)

Rothschild scholarship for post-doctoral studies (1991-1993)

Gutwirth excellency prize (1991)



Complete List of Publications: Google Scholar, ORCID

Selected Publications:

Efficient photoconductive terahertz detector with all-dielectric optical metasurface, O Mitrofanov, T Siday, RJ Thompson, TS Luk, I Brener, JL Reno, APL Photonics 3, 051703 (2018)

Huygens’ metasurfaces enabled by magnetic dipole resonance tuning in split dielectric nanoresonators, Sheng Liu, Aleksandr Vaskin, Salvatore Campione, Omri Wolf, Michael B. Sinclair, John L. Reno, Gordon A. Keeler, Isabelle Staude, and Igal Brener, Nano Letters 17(7), 4297-4303 (2017)

Solitary Oxygen Dopant Emission from Carbon Nanotubes Modified by Dielectric Metasurfaces, Xuedan Ma, Anthony R. James, Nicolai F. Hartmann, Jon K. Baldwin, Jason Dominguez, Michael B. Sinclair, Ting S. Luk, Omri Wolf, Sheng Liu, Stephen K. Doorn, Han Htoon, and Igal Brener, ACS Nano 11(6), 6431-6439 (2017)

Femtosecond optical polarization switching using a cadmium oxide-based perfect absorber, Yuanmu Yang, Kyle Kelley, Edward Sachet, Salvatore Campione, Ting S. Luk, Jon-Paul Maria, Michael B. Sinclair & Igal Brener, Nature Photonics 11, 390 (2017)

Ultrafast all-optical tuning of direct-gap semiconductor metasurfaces, Maxim R Shcherbakov, Sheng Liu, Varvara V Zubyuk, Aleksandr Vaskin, Polina P Vabishchevich, Gordon Keeler, Thomas Pertsch, Tatyana V Dolgova, Isabelle Staude, Igal Brener, Andrey A Fedyanin, Nature Communications 8, 17 (2017)

Optically thin hybrid cavity for terahertz photo-conductive detectors, RJ Thompson, T Siday,  S Glass, TS Luk, JL Reno, I Brener, and O Mitrofanov, Applied Physics Letters 110, 041105 (2017)

Nonpolar InGaN/GaN Core–Shell Single Nanowire Lasers, C Li, JB Wright, S Liu,P Lu, JJ Figiel, B Leung, WW Chow, I Brener, et al., Nano Letters 17 (2), 1049-1055 (2017)

Broken Symmetry Dielectric Resonators for High Quality Factor Fano Metasurfaces, Salvatore Campione, Sheng Liu, LorenaI Basilio, Larry K. Warne, William L. Langston, Ting S. Luk, Joel R. Wendt, John L. Reno, Gordon A. Keeler, Igal Brener, Michael B. Sinclair, ACS Photonics 3(12), 2362-2367 (2016)

Resonantly Enhanced Second-Harmonic Generation Using III–V Semiconductor All-Dielectric Metasurfaces, Sheng Liu, Michael B. Sinclair, Sina Saravi, Gordon A. Keeler, Yuanmu Yang, John Reno, Gregory M. Peake, Frank Setzpfandt, Isabelle Staude, Thomas Pertsch, and Igal Brener, Nano Letters 16(9), 5426-5432 (2016)

III–V Semiconductor Nanoresonators—A New Strategy for Passive, Active, and Nonlinear All-Dielectric Metamaterials Sheng Liu, Gordon A. Keeler, John L. Reno, Michael B. Sinclair, Igal Brener, Advanced Optical Materials 4(10), 1457-1462 (2016) 

Epsilon-Near-Zero Modes for Tailored Light-Matter Interaction, Salvatore Campione, Sheng Liu, Alexander Benz, John F. Klem, Michael B. Sinclair, and Igal Brener, Physical Review Applied 4, 044011 (2015).

Phased-array sources based on nonlinear metamaterial nanocavities, Omri Wolf, Salvatore Campione, Alexander Benz, Arvind P. Ravikumar, Sheng Liu, Ting S. Luk, Emil A. Kadlec,Eric A. Shaner, John F. Klem, Michael B. Sinclair & Igal Brener, Nature Communications 6, 7667 (2015)

High-Efficiency Dielectric Huygens’ Surfaces, Manuel Decker, Isabelle Staude, Matthias Falkner, Jason Dominguez, Dragomir N. Neshev, Igal Brener, Thomas Pertsch and Yuri S. Kivshar, Advanced Optical Materials 3(6), 813-820 (2015)

Optical magnetic mirrors without metals, Sheng Liu, Michael B. Sinclair, Thomas S. Mahony, Young Chul Jun, Salvatore Campione, James Ginn, Daniel A. Bender, Joel R. Wendt, Jon F. Ihlefeld, Paul G. Clem, Jeremy B. Wright, and Igal Brener, Optica 1, 250-256 (2014).

Spectrally selective chiral silicon metasurfaces based on infrared Fano resonances, Chihhui Wu, Nihal Arju, Glen Kelp, Jonathan A. Fan, Jason Dominguez, Edward Gonzales, Emanuel Tutuc, Igal Brener & Gennady Shvets, Nature Communications 5, 3892 (2014)

An Electrically Driven Terahertz Modulator with over 20 dB of Dynamic Range, N. Karl, K. Reichel, H.-T. Chen, A.J. Taylor, I. Brener, A. Benz, J.L. Reno, R. Mendis and D.M. Mittleman, Applied Physics Letters 104, 091115 (2014)

Strong coupling in the sub-wavelength limit using metamaterial nanocavities, A Benz, S Campione, S Liu, I Montaño, JF Klem, A Allerman, JR Wendt, MB Sinclair, I. Brener, Nature communications 4, 2882 (2013)

Realizing Optical Magnetism From Dielectric Metamaterials, James C Ginn, Igal Brener, David W Peters, Joel R Wendt, Jeffrey O Stevens, Paul F Hines, Lorena I Basilio, Larry K Warne, Jon F Ihlefeld, Paul G Clem, Michael B Sinclair, Physical Review Letters 108, 097402 (2012).


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