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Elizabeth D. Miller

Elizabeth Miller

Phone (505) 665-1169


My background is in volcanology, and I am interested in all things involving volcanics. I am currently working on a few projects, detailed below:

Cliff Retreat at TA-54: This work is predominantly geomorphological in nature and involves completing an assessment of the cliffs below Material Disposal Area (MDA) G at TA-54 in order to determine the stability and potential for failure. As TA-54 nears closure, all of the waste that will remain in pits and shafts located on the mesa top must be deemed stable for at least 10,000 years. The goal of the cliff retreat project is to determine sites of weaknesses and other areas of concern that would cause any of the pits and shafts to be exposed, due to cliff retreat, in the next 10,000 years.

Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty and Nuclear Testing Limitations: This work involves both GIS and scientific support for the Nuclear Testing Limitations program. 

Environmental Programs: I have been involved in many different EP projects throughout the years. I did a large amount of GIS and cartographic support during the large push for geomorphology mapping of the canyons, and I have also helped with sediment sampling, field parameter plots, and Hach testing for the Chromium project.

Seismic and Volcanic Hazards: I was heavily involved in the volcanic hazards that took place in the EES-16 group in 2010, which involved compiling all of the available information about the known volcanics in the Jemez area. I am currently involved with the Seismic Hazards program, both for GIS and scientific support. 

I also have extensive experience with LiDAR data collection and analysis, hyperspectral and multi-spectral imaging data collection and analysis, differential GPS surveying, and fieldwork in all types of environments. 


B.S., Geological Sciences

The Ohio State University, 2006

M.A., Earth and Planetary Sciences

Johns Hopkins University, 2007


LANL Positions

Post-Master's Student, EES-16, 2008-2009

Research Tech, EES-16, 2009-2012

Research Tech, EES-14, 2012-present