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Donald Degarmo Hickmott

Donald Hickmott

Phone (505) 667-8753


I am currently the LANL/Chevron Alliance Fellow in the Feynman Center for Innovation. I act as a liaison between Los Alamos researchers and oil and gas industry partners, particularly Chevron. I also have technical expertise in fields such as:  environmental cleanup technologies, subsurface science, Earth Science, microanalysis using SIMS and micro-PIXE, gas separation and storage materials such as clathrates and MOFs, and applications of neutron & synchrotron methods to materials, Earth, and energy problems.


       Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Geochemistry

B.A. Amherst College - Geology - summa cum laude


LANL Positions

3/10-present     Technical Program Manager IV – EES-DO, EES-14, TT-DO, FCI 1/08-3/10          Group Leader/R&D Manager IV – EES-6, EES-14 10/01-1/08        Deputy Group Leader – EES-6 5/92-10/01        Staff Member - EES-1, EES-6 9-89-5/92          Director's Posdoctoral Fellow  


Professional Societies

Member: American Geophyical Union

Member: Mineralogical Society of America

Member: American Association of Petroleum Geologists



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