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Christine Marie Sweeney

Christine Sweeney

Phone (505) 606-0195


I do computer science research and development related to data analysis and computational workflows for  experimental beam line science.  I also work in the area of parallel programming models, compilers, and domain-specific programming languages that support scientists to create their own software at scale. I also have expertise in scientific software, visualization, hardware acceleration via GPU, quantum key distribution software, and reconfigurable computing (FPGAs).  


University of Washington, Master of Science (M.S.), Computer Science University of California, Berkeley, Non-degree, Re-entry Program in Computer Science University of California, Berkeley, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), English, with honors University of New Mexico, Non-degree, Math and Science (Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, 1st, 2nd and 3rd semester Physics)  


LANL Positions

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Scientist:

  • CCS-7 (Applied Computer Science): 2013 - present
  • HPC-1 (Scientific Software Engineering): 2000 - 2013

June 2019 - Present

Novel in situ Probes of Mesoscale Materials Dynamics: Data Analysis Thrust:  Automation of analhysis workflow and development of tools for dynamic diamond anvil cell experiment data analysis.  Thrust lead.

August 2018 - Present

ExaLearn: Codesign Center for Exascale Machine Learning Technologies Project:  Scale reinforcement learning algorithms for light source experiment control use case.  Lead for this use case.

June 2017 – Present ExaFEL Project: Exascale computing for free electron lasers.  Implement cross-site (LCLS to NERSC) computing workflow for crystallography analysis.  Accelerate key image analysis kernels on exascale computers.  LANL lead.

October 2016 – September 2019 CCS-7 Real-time Adaptive Acceleration of Dynamic Experimental Science.  IS&T Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD).

July 2016 – September 2016 CCS-7 Workflow Analysis for Experimental Science Data/Simulation/Computation.  Contribute to ADTSC report on workflows for experimental science and research in that area.

February 2016 – Present CCS-7 Beamline Experiment Analysis and Research (BlackBEAR) Team member. Process data from experiments at light source beam lines for research purposes.

October 2014 – September 2017 CCS-7 Scientific Data Management, Analysis and Visualization and Extreme Scale 2 Project. Extend Legion Programming Model to scientific data management and use within various scientific applications.

October 2010 – September 2015 CCS-7 Scout Project. Working on Scout domain-specific language compiler and toolchain adding various capabilities to the domain-specific language and implementing them using the Clang/LLVM compiler infrastructure. March 2013 – September 2014 CCS-7 ExaCT Combustion Co-design Center Project. Worked on the programming models research team exploring data-driven runtime systems such as Legion for use in combustion simulations. June 2011 – September 2011 T-1 Krakatoa Project. Added plotting functionality for EOS GUI called Krakatoa. Coding done in Java. August 2009 – September 2010 T-3 Data visualization for climate team. Wrote tools to enable visualization of data from MPAS climate model. Wrote plugin and reader to allow for direct data reads into ParaView. March 2009 – July 2009 T-6 Cellulosomes in Action (molecular dynamics application) Completed port of the water-water kernel of Gromacs to RoadRunner platform. June 2005 – January 2009 ISR-3/P-21 Quantum Key Distribution Team Wrote software to implement the protocol of a system that uses quantum communications to transmit cryptographic information. July 2004 – June 2005 ISR-3/CCS-1 Reconfigurable Supercomputing Project While a member of the Application-Specific Architectures Team, helped build a floating point compiler that compiles C code to reconfigurable hardware, such as FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays). August 2003 – June 2004 ISR-3/CCS-1 Reconfigurable Supercomputing Project I worked on two research projects/papers: a scheduling algorithm and a floating point implementation of photon application on FPGA. October 2000 – August 2003 ISR-3/CCS-1 Reconfigurable Supercomputing Project Wrote simulation and runtime library for Streams-C project. The Streams-C language allows programmers to write C programs that run software processes on a host machine and hardware processes on an FPGA.  


Professional Societies

Association for Computing Machinery


Supercomputing Conference Service:

  • SC20 Machine Learning for HPC Papers Committee Member
  • SC19 XLOOP Workshop Committee Member
  • SC14-17, Mentor-Protege Program Chair,
  • SC14-16, Posters Committee Member




10/2007 Distinguished Performance Large Team Award for Quantum Key Distribution Project

10/2005 R&D 100 Award for Trident Compiler

10/2001 Delight the Customer Award (presented by HPC-1)




Scalable software architecture for quantum cryptographic key management.  World Intellectual Property Organization patent application WO2014074194 A2, May 15, 2014.

Software License:

Gokhale, M., Stone, J., Ahrens, C. and Frigo, J.  The Streams-C Language, licensed by LANL, 2004.



Peer-Reviewed Publications:

David J Walters, Ayan Biswas, Earl C Lawrence, Devin C Francom, Darby J Luscher, D Anthony Fredenburg, Kelly R Moran, Christine M Sweeney, Richard L Sandberg, James P Ahrens, CA Bolme. "Bayesian calibration of strength parameters using hydrocode simulations of symmetric impact shock experiments of AL-5083." Journal of Applied Physics, Vol 124, Issue 20. 2018.

Philippe Pebay, Janine Bennett, David Hollman, Sean Treichler, Pat McCormick, Christine Sweeney, Hemanth Kolla, Alex Aiken.  “Towards Asynchronous Many-Task In Situ Data Analysis Using Legion.” High Performance Data Analysis and Visualization Workshop 2016.

P. McCormick, C. Sweeney, N. Moss, D. Prichard, S. Gutierrez, K. Davis, J. Mohd-Yusof, “Exploring  the Construction of a Domain-Aware Toolchain for High-Performance Computing,” in WOLFHPC 2014, November 2014.  Presented by Christine Sweeney. J. Ahrens, K. Heitmann, M. Petersen, J. Woodring, S. Williams, P. Fasel,  C. Ahrens, C. Hsu, B. Geveci.  "Verification of Scientific Simulations via Hypothesis-Driven Comparative and Quantitative Visualization", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Magazine, November 2010.  Justin L. Tripp, Kristopher D. Peterson, Christine Ahrens, Jeffrey D. Poznanovic, Maya Gokhale.  "Trident: An FPGA Compiler Framework for Floating-Point Algorithms," FPL 2005.  M. Gokhale, C. Ahrens, J. Frigo and C. Wolinski.  "Communications Scheduling for Concurrent Processes on Reconfigurable Computers," FCCM 2004.  Maya Gokhale, Janette Frigo, Christine Ahrens, Justin L.Tripp and Ron Minnich.  "Monte Carlo Radiative Heat Transfer Simulation on a Reconfigurable Computer,"  FPL 2004.

Other Publications:

Christine Sweeney, et al.  "Gap Analysis:  Materials Discovery through Data Science at Advanced User Light Sources Workshop Report." Santa Fe, NM. October 2018.

Contributed to video for demo of crystallography pipeline workflow:  'ExaFEL | EXAscale for Free Electron Lasers', SLAC, LBL, NERSC and LANL.

Sims, B., Sweeney, C, and Montoya, D. “Enabling Data-Intensive Workflows for Experimental Science: Research and infrastructure priorities”, Internal LANL report for ADTSC. October 2016.

Final Reports from the Los Alamos National Laboratory Computational Physics Student Summer Workshop. "Implementation of Computational Physics Methods in the Domain-Specific Language Scout."  Team Members Joseph Bottini and Sriram Nagaraj.  Mentors Christine Sweeney and Scott Runnels.   Reports assembled by Scott Runnels


“A Unified Data-Driven Approach for Programming In Situ Analysis and Visualization”, Pat McCormick, Christine Sweeney, Janine Bennett, Ali Pinar, Berk Geveci, Charles Hansen, Valerio Pascucci.  Presented by Christine Sweeney at the ASCR Extreme Scale Research Meeting, January 2015.

“Scout:  A Domain-Specific Language for In Situ Data Analysis and Visualization on Emerging Architectures”,  Pat McCormick, Christine Sweeney, Nick Moss and Dean Prichard.  Presented by Christine Sweeney at the ASCR Extreme Scale Research Meeting, January 2015.

“A Data-Driven Programming Toolchain for Scientific Computing on Future Architectures”, Pat McCormick, Christine Sweeney, Nick Moss, Dean Prichard, Kei Davis, Sam Gutierrez, Jamal Mohd-Jusof, Charles Ferenbaugh, LANL.  Alex Aiken, Michael Bauer, Sean Treichler, Elliott Slaughter, Stanford.  Presented by Christine Sweeney at the Information Knowledge Sciences Capability Review in 2014.

“Scout: Using Clang/LLVM to Build a Domain-Specific Language For In-Situ Data Analysis and Visualization on Emerging Architectures”, Patrick McCormick*, James Jablin**, Nick Moss*, Christine Ahrens*, Dean Prichard*, Marion (Kei) Davis*, *Los Alamos National Laboratory, **Brown University.  Presented by Christine Ahrens at the LLVM Developers Conference November 2012.

“Power Measurement techniques for varying scientific applications”, George Fleming, Edgar Ronquillo, Christine Sweeney, Zachary Baker.  Presented by G. Fleming and E. Ronquillo at Student Symposium, Summer 2014.

“Image Analysis at Scale”, Peter Ortegel, William Vining, Connor Dolan, Christine Ahrens, Reese Baird, Reid Porter.  Presented at Student Symposium Summer 2013.

“Animating 3D Climate Data in Paraview”, Adam Lang, mentor Christine Ahrens.  Presented by Adam Lang at Student Symposium Summer 2010.


"From Detector to Discovery: Data Handling to Support Efficient and Effective Scientific Discovery at Future XFEL Experimental Facilities."  High-Energy and Ultrafast X-Ray Imaging Technologies and Applications.  August 3, 2016, Santa Fe, NM.

Workshop Participation:

The Future of Scientific Workflows.  DOE NGNS/CS Scientific Workflows Workshop.  April 20-21, 2016.  Rockville, MD.

Workshop Organizer:

Gap Analysis:  Materials Discovery through Data Science at Advanced User Light Sources, Santa Fe, NM, October 2018. Chair.

In Situ Data Management, ASCR workshop, January 2019.  Committee Member. 

Computational Workflows for X-ray Science Workshop. LCLS Users Meeting 2017 and 2018. Organizer.

User-Focussed Beamline Controls for X-ray Science Workshop.  LCLS Users Meeting 2018. Organizer.

Automated Analysis and Control for X-ray Science Workshop. LCLS Users Meeting 2019.  Organizer.