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Brian Phillip Weaver

Brian Weaver

Phone (505) 667-6227



Monte Carlo methods

Model Calibration

Bayesian Design of Experiments


Ph.D. Statistics, Iowa State University, 2011

M.S. Statistics, Iowa State University, 2009

B.S. Mathematics, University of New Mexico, 2006


LANL Positions

Scientist, 2011 to present


Professional Societies

American Statistical Association

International Astrostatistics Association



NNSA Defense Program's Award of Excellence, 2015

Lloyd S. Nelson Award, American Society for Quality Statistics Division, 2014 Los Alamos Achievement Award, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2013 Jebe Fellowship, Iowa State University, 2006 GlaxoSmithKline Student Scholar Award, 2006



Publications in Statistics Journals:

Fugate, M.L., Hamada, M.S., and Weaver, B.P. "Analyzing Degradation Data with a Random E ects Semiparametric Regression Model." Quality Engineering, 29, 358-365 (2017).

Weaver, B.P., Williams, B., Anderson-Cook, C., and Higdon, D. "Computational Enhancements to Bayesian Design of Experiments Using Gaussian Processes." Bayesian Analysis, 11, 191-213 (2016).
Weaver, B.P., Warr, R. L., Anderson-Cook, C., and Higdon, D. "Visualizing Discrepancies from Nonlinear Models and Computer Experiments." Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, 8, 274-286 (2015).

Weaver, B. P. and Meeker, W. Q. "Methods for Planning Accelerated Repeated Measures Degradation Studies." with discussion.  Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 30,  658-671 (2014).

Hamada, M.S., Wilson, A.G., Weaver, B.P., Griffiths, R.W., Martz, H.F. "Bayesian Binomial Assurance Tests for System Reliability Using Component Data."  Journal of Quality Technology, 46, 24-32 (2014).

Vander Wiel, S., Weaver, B.P., Stepan, T. "Discussion of `More Pitfalls of Accelerated Tests' by Meeker, Sarakakis, and Gerokostopoulos." Journal of Quality Technology, 45, 238-239 (2013).

Collins, D.H., Freels, J. K., Huzurbazar, A.V., Warr, R.L., Weaver, B. P. "Accelerated Test Methods for Reliability Prediction." Journal of Quality Technology, 45, 244-259 (2013). Selected for the 2014 Lloyd S. Nelson Award.

Weaver, B. P., Meeker, W. Q., Escobar, L. A., Wendelberger, J. "Methods for Planning Repeated Measures Degradation Studies." Technometrics, 55, 122-134 (2013).

Burr, T., Hamada, M.S., Skurikhin, M., and Weaver, B. P. "Pattern Recognition Options to Combine Process Monitoring and Material Accounting Data in Nuclear Safeguard." Statistics Research Letters, 1, 6-31 (2012).

Weaver, B. P., Hamada, M. S., Wilson, A. G., Vardeman, S. B. "A Bayesian Approach to the Analysis of Gauge R \& R Data." Quality Engineering, 24, 486-500 (2012).

Burr, T., and Weaver, B.P. "Bayesian Options for Computer Model Calibration with Examples in Astronomy.'"  Far East Journal of Theoretical Statistics, 40, 1-30 (2012).

Burr, T., Croft, S., Hamada, M.S., Vardeman, S., Weaver, B. "Rounding error effects in the presence of underlying measurement error''. Accreditation and Quality Assurance, (2012).

Burr, T., Hamada, M. S., Cremers, T., Howell, J., Croft, S., Weaver, B. P., Vardeman, S. "Measurement Error Models and Variance Estimation in the Presence of Rounding Error Effects.'' Accreditation and Quality Assurance, 16, 347-359 (2011).

Weaver, B. P., and Hamada, M. S., "A Bayesian Approach to the Analysis of Industrial Experiments: an Illustration with Binomial Count Data." Quality Engineering, 20, 269-280 (2008).  

Publications in Subject-Matter Journals:

Osthus, D., Caragea, P., Higdon, D., Morley, S., Reeves, G., and Weaver, B.P. "Dynamic Linear Models for Forecasting of Radiation Belt Electrions and Limitations on Physical Interpretation of Predictive Models." Space Weather, 12, 426-445 (2014).

Burr. T., Hamada, M. S., Howell, J., Skuikhin, M., Ticknor, L., and Weaver, B.P. "Estimating Alarm Thresholds for Process Monitoring Data Under Different Assumptions About the Data Generating Mechanim." Science and Technology of Nuclear Installations, (2013).

Burr, T., Budlong-Sylvester, K., Hamada, M.S., Longo, C., Weaver, B.P. "Strengthened Nuclear Safeguards: A Statistical View in the Context of Combining Process Monitoring and Nuclear Material Accounting Data." Journal of Nuclear Materials Management, 40, 115-130 (2012).


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