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Statistical inference for network data

Network analysis

Regression of dependent data

Statistical modeling


Ph.D. Statistics, Colorado State University, 2019 M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of California -- Davis, 2010 B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008  


LANL Positions

Research Scientist, Statistical Sciences Group (CCS-6), 2020 -- Present  


Professional Societies

American Statistical Association, 2016 -- present Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2017 -- Present



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Campbell, B.C., Marrs, F.W., Böhmelt, T., Fosdick, B.K., and Cranmer, S.J.  (2019), "Latent influence networks in global environmental politics," PLOS One, 14(3), e0213284.

Gonzalez-Voller, J., Wood. A., Marrs, F.W., Ephraimson-Abt, V., and Garcia, A. (2019) "A Randomized-controlled pilot  study comparing a one-day and four-week mindfulness-based group intervention for family  caregivers," The Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 44(4), 228-234.

Marrs, F.W., Fosdick, B.K., and McCormick, T.H. (2019), "Standard errors for regression on relational data with exchangeable errors," arXiv:1701.05530 [stat.ME],  Under review.

Marrs, F.W. and Fosdick, B.K. (2020), "Regression of binary network data with exchangeable latent errors," arXiv:1911.00082 [stat.ME], In preparation.