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Elucidating, and then leveraging, vibrational physics and the material responses of low-dimensional systems enabling emergent optical phenomena and functionality.

Topical Areas:

  • Nanophotonics and polaritonics
  • Two-dimensional materials and systems
  • Phonon transport
  • Spectroscopic Imaging


PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008 Advisor: Samual Graham

MS, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Dayton, 2005 Advisor: Khalid Lafdi

BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Dayton, 2003


Professional Appointments

Senior Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories, 2009-present


Professional Societies

Associate Editor, Journal of Heat Transfer, 2017-present



R&D 100 Award “High-Performance Nanoantenna-Enabled Detectors” (Team), 2019

R&D 100 Award “Ultra-Wide Bandgap Power Electronic Devices” (Team), 2017

Sandia National Laboratories “Up & Coming Innovator” Award, 2016

Defense Programs Award of Excellence (Team), 2014

Sandia National Laboratories “Outstanding Mentor” Award, 2012

WiTec Best Paper Award, 2011

Woodruff School Student Advisory Committee Best TA Award, 2008



Complete List of Publications: Google Scholar Profile, ResearchGate Profile

Selected Publications

T. Beechem, C. Saltonstall, T. Gilbert, J. Matson, F. Ugwu, R. Kasica, F. Bezares, J. Valentine, J. Caldwell. Influence of spatial dispersion on spectral tuning of phonon-polaritons. Physical Review B. In Press. 2019.

I. Ruiz, T. Beechem, S. Smith, P. Dickens, E. Paisley, J. Shank, S. Howell, R. Sarma, B. Draper, M. Goldflam. Interface Defect Engineering for Improved Graphene-Oxide- Semiconductor Junction Photodetectors. ACS Applied Nano Materials. In Press. 2019.

J. Lundh, B. Chatterjee, Y. Song, A. Baca, R. Kaplar, T. Beechem, A. Allerman, A. Armstrong, B. Klein, A. Bansal, D. Talreja, A. Pogrebnyakov, E. Heller, V. Goplan, J. Redwing, B. Foley, S. Choi. Multidimensional thermal analysis of an ultrawide bandgap AlGaN channel high electron mobility transistor. Applied Physics Letters (115) 153503. 2019.

M. DeCoster, X. Chen, K. Zhang, C. Rost, E. Hoglund, J. Howe, T. Beechem, P. Hopkins. Thermal Conductivity and Phonon Scattering Processes of ALD Grown PbTe–PbSe Thermoelectric Thin Films. Advanced Functional Materials. 1904073. 2019.

K. Coleman, J. Walker, T. Beechem, S. Trolier-McKinstry. Effect of Stresses on the dielectric and piezoelectric properties of Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 thin films. Journal of Applied Physics (126) 034101. 2019. Selected as an “Editor’s Pick”

C. Saltonstall, T. Beechem, J. Amatya, J. Floro, P. Norris, P. Hopkins. Uncertainty in Linewidth Quantification of Overlapping Raman Bands. Review of Scientific Instruments (90) 013111. 2019.

I. Montano, S. Campione, J. Klem, T. Beechem, O. Wolf, M. Sinclair, T.S. Luk. Semiconductor Hyperbolic Metamaterials at the Quantum Limit. Scientific Reports (8) 16694. 2018.

T. Beechem, M. Goldflam, M. Sinclair, D. Peters, A. McDonald, E. Paisley, D.B. Burckel, P. Finnegan, A. Kitahara, D. Drury, J.W. Kim, Y. Choi, P. Ryan, J. Ihlefeld. Tunable Infrared Devices via Ferroelectric Domain Reconfiguration. Advanced Optical Materials. 1800862. 2018. (Selected as Inside Cover)

K. Freedy, T. Beechem, P. Litwin, M. Gabriela Sales, M. Huang, R. Ruoff, S. McDonnel. Unraveling Chemical Interactions between Titanium and Graphene for Electrical Contact Applications. ACS Applied Nano Materials (1) 4828. 2018.

J. McBreyer, T. Beechem, C. Appblet, F. Garzon.  Polysulfide Speciation in the Bulk Electrolyte of a Lithium Sulfur Battery. Journal of the Electrochemical Society (165) A876. 2018.

M. Goldflam, I. Ruiz, S. Howell, J. Wendt, M. Sinclair, D. Peters, T. Beechem. Tunable dual-band graphene-based infrared reflectance filter. Optics Express (26) 8532. 2018.

A. Rice, A. Allerman, M. Crawford, T. Beechem, T. Ohta, C. Spataru, J. Figiel, M. Smith. Effects of deposition temperature and ammonia flow on metal-organic chemical vapor deposition of hexagonal boron nitride. Journal of Crystal Growth (485) 90. 2018.