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Optimized Sensing Networking Design

Automated, application-independent, risk-minimizing design process for sensing, monitoring, and surveillance networks.

LAUR: 16-22507


  • Minimizes Risk- Provides an information landscape that promotes better decision making. OSND generates sensing network designs that minimize the risk associated with making decisions based on the information provided by those networks.
  • Broad Network Support- Supports any design parameter including quantity, location, type, and directional sensitivity of the sensors as well as parameters associated with optimal fusing and processing of sensor measurements.
  • Provides Fast and Flexible Searches- This technology combines Monte Carlo simulation with genetic search algorithms that provide fast, flexible searches of the design space.

Flynn, E. B., M. D. Todd, and Charles Farrar. "A bayesian experimental design approach to structural health monitoring."Fifth European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring. 2010.

Development Stage

TRL 3- Working software prototype applied to several test problems.