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A nucleic acid based assay chemistry that uses microsphere arrays and flow/image cytometry for the detection of human and pathogen biomarkers. 

LAUR: 16-22527


  • Multiple Markers per Sample- (MOL-PCR) has the ability to simultaneously ask more than one question about a sample at the same time, and the ability to conduct more than one test on a sample in the same reaction.
  • Broad Array of Applications- (MOL-PCR) provides genotyping for genetic susceptibility to disease and drug response, ID and forensics, detection and diagnosis, and antibiotic/drug resistance determination.
  • Ease of Assay Design- Multiplexed ligation enables simultaneous detection of diverse signatures. The design of this technology allows for universal PCR, fewer probes to design.
  • High Level of Multiplexing- High information content is collected for every sample that is processed.
  • Amenable for use with both DNA and RNA Pathogens- Simultaneous screening for all types of pathogens.
  • Works with Degraded Samples- Detection event is ligation of probes hybridized to short target fragments.

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