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System Unavailable

The LANSCE Proposal Input System is currently under construction.

Current Proposals

For information on currently submitted proposals, or to request changes to them, please contact the LANSCE User Office at lansce-user-office@lanl.gov.

New Proposals

If you need to submit a proposal, please contact the Instrument Scientist of the Flight Path that you would like to request time on. The Instrument Scientist for each Flight Path is listed on the respective Flight Path's web page. Information on Flight Paths can be found here

If the proposal you're submitting is unique, and not a continuation of a proposal previous ran at LANSCE, please provide as much of the following as possible.

  • Proposal Title
  • Flight Path
  • Requested Beam Time Date Ranges
  • Estimated Total Beam Time (days)
  • Research Area
    • Biological and Life Sciences
    • Chemistry
    • Earth Sciences
    • Engineering
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Instrument Development and Technique
    • Materials Science (including Materials Physics)
    • National Security
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Soft Matter
    • Other
  • Funding Source
    • DOE/NA-10 (DSW)
    • DOE/NA-10 (Science Campaigns)
    • DOE/NA-20 (Non-Proliferation)
    • DOE/Nuclear Energy
    • DOE/Office of Science
    • DOE/Other
    • Industry
    • LDRD
    • University (non-SSAA)
    • University (SSAA)
    • Other
  • Samples
    • Description/Chemical Name
    • Dimensions
    • Amount
    • Physical State
    • Intended Disposition
    • Hazards
  • Requested Sample Environments
  • Provided Sample Environments
  • PDF of your Proposal