Earth Week 2021

Welcome to Earth Week 2021!

April 22 marks the 51st anniversary for when “Earth Day” first began. In appreciation of the environment, the Laboratory’s 2021 Earth Week Theme is “Holding Our World Together” and encompasses family, community, and the earth. From April 19 to April 25, join us in collaborative lab-wide initiative to celebrate nature and to preserve, protect, and provide for our planet, wildlife, and future generations to come.

Here's a map to a few Earth Week highlights:

  • Explore 10 different environmental categories to learn more about nature, wildlife, and sustainable living
  • Check out the Earth Week for kids section for scavenger hunts, treats, crafts, and to learn about the Creepy Crawlers of New Mexico.
  • Help judge the Earth Week art and photo contest entries from talented individuals within the community

Poke around the page and have some fun!

Art and Photo Contests

Congratulations to our 2021 Art and Photo Contest winners! Thank you to all participants for your talent and creativity during Earth Week.


Kids' Art
Winner: Brianna
Caption: Celebrate and appreciate by showing love and peace to the world that we live in!


Adults' Photo
Winner: Amanda Alvarez
Caption: Earth, in all its glory


Kids' Photo
Winner: Milo
Caption: Father and son working together on composting


Adults' Art
Winner: Anita Cdebaca
Caption: I rescue tequila, whiskey and wine bottles, and turn them into one-of-a-kind art pieces


Kids Art Gallery
Kids Photo Gallery
Adults Art Gallery
Adults Photo Gallery

Interested in more environmental celebrations?
Visit the Brookhaven National Laboratory “Earth Day” website below.