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  • Left to right, Hari Viswanathan, Catherine Snelson and Kenneth Wohletz

    Geological Society of America Fellows

    The Geological Society of America has chosen Catherine Snelson, Kenneth Wohletz and Hari Viswanathan as Fellows. - 8/31/17

  • Transmission electron microscopy thin section of HIV virus particles. The dark shadow in the center of each virus is the core where the RNA is stored.

    HIV persists in macrophages

    A research team has discovered that macrophages can serve as a reservoir for HIV virus during antiretroviral therapy. - 8/22/17

  • A dead pinon tree reflects the potential combined effects of drought, heat and bark beetles in the Southwest.

    Tree hydraulic acclimation

    Researchers subjected pinon and juniper at the world’s first tree-drought/heat site. - 8/15/17

  • Michael Hamada

    Hamada named ASQ Fellow

    The ASQ honored the new Fellows at the 2017 World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Charlotte, NC. - 8/7/17