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  • The women's issue
    When it comes to ensuring America’s national security, count on the women of Los Alamos National Laboratory to get the job done.


  • Atomic women
    The employee resource group dedicated to supporting women in STEM thrives at the Lab.
  • Minimizing the threat
    Nancy Jo Nicholas, associate Laboratory director of Global Security, reflects on her path at Los Alamos, from Star Wars to arms control.
  • The world's biggest neutrino catcher
    The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment may transform physics and unravel mysteries of the universe.
  • Looking for life on Mars
    SuperCam will use a laser and a microphone to identify signs of life on the red planet.
  • Ice, ahoy!
    The largest Arctic expedition in history provides unprecedented data for national security decisions.
  • The legacy of a Laboratory legend
    The Darleane Hoffman Postdoctoral Fellowship continues the work of a groundbreaking scientist.
  • Streamlining satellite data
    A new technology will allow researchers to quickly compare data from different satellites to better assess changes on Earth.
  • What was Oppenheimer's first name?
    More than 100 years after he was born, we’re still not quite sure.
  • Frances Dunne, explosives technician
    The only woman in the Manhattan Project’s Explosives Assembly group inspired the name of a current Lab explosives testing facility.
  • Lessons learned
    The Lab’s Evelyn Mullen reflects on the cleanup of a contaminated Seattle building.


  • Her-story
    Women have always been a crucial part of the Laboratory workforce—because of their contributions to national security and because they’ve helped the Lab evolve into a more inclusive place to work.
  • Bridging Divider
    Four Los Alamos women share their memories of working at the Laboratory during the early 1990s—when, to maintain its nuclear weapons stockpile, the Lab pivoted from underground nuclear testing to small-scale, non‑nuclear experiments.
  • Women in weapons science
    Women make up nearly 30 percent of the Laboratory’s Weapons program—and their contributions are essential to America’s national security. Meet 40 women who are working hard to keep America safe.


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