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Presidential visits

Many public figures have toured the Lab, including several senior government officials.
July 6, 2020
Colored portrait illustrations of President Kennedy, President Reagan, President Ford, and President Clinton.

From left: President Kennedy, President Reagan, President Ford, and President Clinton.CREDIT: Los Alamos National Laboratory


By John Moore

President KennedyPresident Kennedy travels down Main Street in Los Alamos.

On December 7, 1962, President John Kennedy and Vice President Lyndon Johnson traveled to Los Alamos for a briefing on the details of Project Rover, the Lab’s program to develop nuclear rocket engines for space travel. After visiting the Lab, Kennedy addressed Los Alamos residents at the high school football field and then rode down Central Avenue in a motorcade.

President Reagan President Reagan standing outside a building with a group of men.

Former Hollywood movie star and future president Ronald Reagan visited Los Alamos in April 1967, when he was governor of California. At that time, the Laboratory was managed entirely by the University of California system.

President FordPresident Ford sitting at a table; photos hang on the wall behind him.

Gerald Ford visited the Lab on July 12, 1975, shortly before becoming president in August.

 President ClintonPresident Clinton talking to Sig Hecker and several other men.

Bill Clinton visited twice during his presidency—once on May 13, 1993, and again on February 4, 1998. Here, he is with then-Lab Director Sig Hecker and others.