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Muon Vision for U.S. National Security

From detecting nuclear contraband to the number of the number of warheads inside a missile, muon vision offers promising solutions for keeping America safe.
December 1, 2016
Muon Vision for U.S. National Security

Muon vision could help ensure shipping containers do not contain dangerous radioactive materials or other contraband. (Photo: Decision Sciences)


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Muon vision offers a unique approach that is potentially both less expensive to build and operate and uses no dangerous radiation.

Every year more than 16 million vehicles and shipping containers enter the United States through its ports of entry. Suppose a nuclear bomb, a dirty bomb, or enough radioactive material to make a bomb is hidden in one them—how do we prevent nuclear terrorism?

Scientists at Los Alamos have responded to what President Barack Obama calls “the single biggest threat to national security” by proposing a new technology, muon vision, which is specifically designed to detect nuclear materials hidden inside vehicles and containers.