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Manhattan Project National Historical Park

Plans for America’s newest national park include admitting the public onto Laboratory property—without compromising national security or the Lab’s mission.
March 22, 2016

This spring, visitors will be able to stand in Ashley Pond Park and—via an app developed by the Laboratory—see how the landscape looked in the 1940s when it was the key technical area for the Laboratory during the Manhattan Project. (Photo: Los Alamos)


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How do we provide visitor access while also maintaining the safety and security that are so important for doing nuclear weapons work?

Pond Cabin is one of nine Laboratory properties included in Manhattan Project National Historical Park (MPNHP), which was signed into law on November 10, 2015, and tells the story of America’s nuclear weapons science, technology, and industry during World War II. The Los Alamos site is one of three locations for the park—the National Park Service’s first multisite, multistate endeavor, which also includes key Manhattan Project facilities in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and Hanford, Washington.

In Los Alamos, however, none of the designated park buildings are currently accessible to the public (they are located on sites still being used for nuclear weapons research)—and likely won’t be for several years.