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The challenges facing stockpile stewardship in the Second Nuclear Age

There is no foreseeable end to the challenges. The path ahead is unclear and failure is not an option.
February 1, 2014
Charlie McMillan, Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Charlie McMillan, Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory


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The new challenges that stockpile stewardship presents the Lab are daunting.

The Laboratory director gives an overview of the Laboratory's successes since its beginning 71 years ago, in 1943, as part of the Manhattan Project.  But great scientific challenges remain for stockpile stewardship. Assuring that the aging nuclear deterrent remains safe, secure, and reliable—without testing it—requires the Lab's unique capabilities for the long term.
He offers readers an overview of some of the challenges the Lab faces in stockpile stewardship during the Second Nuclear Age.

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