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School Board thanks Laboratory for donated equipment

Pojoaque Valley Schools receive furniture and supplies under reuse program
April 11, 2019
Yvonne Gonzales (holding the certificate of appreciation), with the Pojoaque Valley School District Board of Education

Yvonne Gonzales (holding the certificate of appreciation), with the Pojoaque Valley School District Board of Education.


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  • Kathy Keith
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At its March 20 meeting, Pojoaque Valley School District (PVSD) Board of Education recognized the help they have received from the Laboratory's office supplies and furniture reuse program.

Under the program Northern New Mexico school districts and tribal entities receive excess office supplies and furniture from the Laboratory that would otherwise be resold or recycled.

Board president Jon Paul Romero and Superintendent Melville Morgan both expressed their appreciation of the program and its administrator Yvonne Gonzales, with Morgan stressing how valuable the donations are for the district.

The Laboratory launched the Office Supplies and Furniture Reuse Program in October 2017 as a one-year pilot, and its success at Pojoaque and across the region has seen it become a fully-fledged program.

The Laboratory has also received approval from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration to make additional items available, including computer monitors, keyboards and mice.

Since October 2018 – despite issues caused by inclement weather – 640 items with an estimated replacement value of $200,000 have been distributed to the school districts and tribes in the program.

PVSD used several of the donated items to furnish the facilities for their Before and After Program for students in grades K–8 outside regular school hours, while other chairs, tables, monitors, keyboards and office supplies have also been used by teachers to help furnish their classrooms throughout the school district.

"It was overwhelming to see the sincere appreciation for the items the Laboratory has provided to this school district," says Gonzales. "I'm so glad to be a part of this program, and seeing firsthand how the Laboratory’s outreach efforts are making a wonderful difference in the various Northern New Mexico communities."