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Employee Giving Campaign proceeds will help support animal shelters and other regional nonprofits

Contributions close to $2 million so far
December 1, 2015
Cats and dogs at the Española Valley Humane Society will benefit from this year’s Employee Giving Campaign.

Cats and dogs at the Española Valley Humane Society will benefit from this year’s Employee Giving Campaign.


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  • Kathy Keith
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With contributions at nearly the $2 million mark and still pouring in, Los Alamos National Laboratory’s annual Employee Giving Campaign is on its way to once again support United Way of Northern New Mexico, United Way of Santa Fe County and a long list of other eligible nonprofit organizations.

The Española Valley Humane Society is one of the many nonprofits that contributors can support. The organization not only shelters homeless animals but helps low-income residents with pet care.

Struggling New Mexicans in our region are faced with difficult choices every day—the choice between food and heat, food and rent, food and medical care. Feeding their pets adds to this challenge.

According to the Española Valley Humane Society, only 15 percent of the animals in their service areas are spayed and neutered, which compounds the problem. The program’s goal is to increase this number to 70 percent in order to prevent overpopulation and keep animals from starving or becoming homeless.

“We found that people do really care about their pets, but that lack of education and limited resources often limit their ability to care for their animals,” said veterinarian Carolyn Fletcher. “Many of the people we spoke with didn’t even know the shelter existed.”

To learn more about the shelter, visit the Española Valley Humane Society website.

For details on some of the other programs supported by the Laboratory’s Employee Giving Campaign, check the United Way of Northern New Mexico and United Way of Santa Fe County pages.

Community Connections features news and opportunities that grow out of the Laboratory’s Good Neighbor Pledge: “To partner with our neighbors on strengthening math and science learning, diversifying the economy and expanding community giving in northern New Mexico.”

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