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A personal message from Kathy Keith, Community Programs Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory
October 1, 2015
Kathy Keith, Community Programs Director

Kathy Keith, Community Programs Director


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Kathy Keith

I am thrilled to have joined Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Community Programs Office in mid-August. I consider it a great opportunity to continue the Laboratory’s commitment to partner with our neighbors on strengthening math and science learning, diversifying the economy and expanding community giving in northern New Mexico.

All of northern New Mexico benefits from robust communities, including the Laboratory. To generate scientific advances that change the world, the Laboratory relies on the strength of its workforce. Since 39 percent of the Laboratory’s workforce is born in New Mexico, we have a vested interest in high-quality education for all of our communities.

We also know that employees are more productive and stay longer if they live in healthy communities. This is especially true of the Laboratory’s early-career hires and future workforce. The millennial generation is widely considered to be civic-minded and to have a strong sense of community. As we bring this generation into the workforce we want to have communities where they can live, work and thrive. An annual survey of regional community leaders shows that having good job opportunities for young people and a strong educational system are top priorities.

As a lifelong New Mexican, I have had the pleasure of working with, and for, many of our northern New Mexico communities. Over the last four years, I served as the executive director of the Regional Development Corporation in Española, a nonprofit organization that has been dedicated to improving community and economic development in the region for almost 20 years.

I believe northern New Mexico is a unique and beautiful place to live, with a rich fabric of breathtaking scenery, strong family ties and deeply rooted culture. At the same time, we also face challenges. Central to them are our historically high poverty rates and all the symptoms that accompany them, from poor health outcomes to high illegal drug use, low educational attainment and limited job opportunities.

Northern New Mexico is fortunate to have so many dedicated organizations and individuals working hard every day to address these important issues. The Laboratory and our Community Programs Office will continue to be key partners in facing these issues head-on and creating better, healthier and stronger communities for the benefit of all.

- Kathy Keith