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2015 plan reaffirms continued community commitment

A personal message from Kurt Steinhaus, Community Programs Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory
February 1, 2015
Kurt Steinhaus, Community Programs Director

Kurt Steinhaus, Community Programs Director


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Kurt SteinhausI am pleased to report that the Los Alamos National Security (LANS), LLC Board of Governors approved $2.5 million for its 2015 Community Commitment Plan to support education, economic development and community giving in northern New Mexico.

Even though the total funding has decreased by $500,000 from last year, the adjusted sum represents a significant increase in the share of LANS' management fee allocated for regional community programs. In 2014, the LANS Board provided 5.6 percent of the management fee to the 2014 Community Commitment Plan. This year, 40 percent of the fee will be allocated for northern New Mexico.

The Board’s funding decision and the ongoing support from the Department of Energy and National Nuclear Safety Administration are encouraging reaffirmations of their continuing support for our region.

Since 2006, the plan has provided over $28 million in northern New Mexico, which translates to an estimated $550 million in direct and indirect economic activity for the counties of Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, San Miguel, Santa Fe and Taos, with 8,724 jobs created or retained.

Hundreds of New Mexico companies have received economic development assistance and have been able to add new jobs or retain existing ones. The first students graduating from regional college programs supported by LANS are entering the workforce, and some have started their own businesses. Charitable giving by Laboratory employees has grown steadily for six years, and matching funding by LANS has enabled a succession of record-breaking giving campaigns.

Everyone in northern New Mexico can be proud of these accomplishments as we get ready to partner with community organizations in the months ahead.

-   Kurt Steinhaus