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Lab joins in global Earth Day celebrations

A personal message from Laboratory Director Charlie McMillan
April 1, 2014
Charlie McMillan, Laboratory Director

Charlie McMillan, Laboratory Director


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Los Alamos National Laboratory is not only committed to stewardship of our environment through our operational practices, but also through tangible actions and events like our yearly Earth Day celebration.

In order to embrace this year’s global theme of “Green Cities” and strive to be a “Green Laboratory,” we are targeting improved transportation to yield the greatest impact. There are over 10,000 people who commute to and from LANL on a daily basis, with almost 7,000 of them from Northern New Mexico locations outside of Los Alamos County. We then travel around a 36-square-mile site each day. This presents a tremendous opportunity for individuals and Lab organizations to make a sustained green transportation impact by walking, carpooling, bicycling, using green vehicles, and taking advantage of public transportation.

In April, we hold a number of events to increase our awareness of how each of our individual actions to make smart transportation and other green decisions can add up to a substantial, collective, and positive environmental impact on behalf of the Lab. Our theme is “Break the green barrier in your life.”

As you can see, sustainability is part of our way of doing business. I continuously challenge our employees to reduce our environmental impact and keep us on the right path for mission growth and service to the nation. It all goes hand in hand.

Charlie McMillan