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Students benefit the Laboratory and the region

More than 1,000 students arrive for the summer
June 1, 2013

Student performs experiment at the Trident Laser Facility


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Each year, approximately 1,000 students arrive to work at the Lab and not only energize the workforce but the regional economy where they’ll work and play. These students and postdocs are vital for Laboratory long-term workforce recruitment and as of last year represented 29 percent of all current staff and 54 percent of the research and development scientists and engineers. While the numbers of summer students are down slightly from previous years, their contribution is robust due to the critical role they play in support of the nation’s scientific and defense missions.

The Director and the Lab make a special effort to offer summer employment to Los Alamos Employee Scholarship Fund winners, and 22 of this year’s winners will join the Lab in a variety of administrative and scientific roles. In addition, several winners from prior years will join the staff along with 13 of the scholarship winners who were previously employed at the Lab.

Not only do the students come from many places with a variety of educational backgrounds but are supported under a number of resources, including the Department of Energy’s Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships, partnerships between the National Nuclear Security Administration Minority Service Institutions Program and partner national laboratories. In addition, the Lab will host 20 military cadets from West Point.