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Lab celebrates Earth Day

Multiple activities focus on environmental protection.
May 1, 2013
A team from Industrial Hygiene and Safety during the Great Garbage Grab

A team from Industrial Hygiene and Safety during the Great Garbage Grab.


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Great Garbage Grab
From April 1 - 12 employees were encouraged to don work gloves and very attractive orange vests to pick up litter around their workplace—both on and off Lab property. This year’s winner of the coveted Traveling Trash Trophy (for picking up the most litter) went to the Worker Safety and Security Team within the Information Technology directorate, which picked up 137 bags of litter. (For more on the downside of littering, visit Keep America Beautiful at http://www.kab.org/site/PageServer?pagename=focus_litter_prevention.)

Pollution Prevention awards
This year’s Pollution Prevention awards focused on waste minimization efforts. It is estimated that the 47 teams’ activities represented an estimated $8 million in annual savings for the Lab. Green projects were submitted through 104 different Lab groups. Fittingly, the awards were presented on Earth Day, April 22. Several of the top winners will be entered into the National Nuclear Security Administration’s annual Pollution Prevention competition. Last year Los Alamos had a good showing and garnered three of the nine Best in Class Awards and another three Environmental Stewardship Awards.

Management walkarounds
Termed MOVs (Management Observation & Verification) managers have been asked to pay special attention to environmental topics including such things as waste minimization, recycling and even carpooling options as they make their rounds.

Dedicated web pages
Internal web pages kept employees informed about  all the Lab’s Earth Day activities and highlighted a volunteer opportunity to help plant trees on Santa Fe National Forest land for Las Conchas fire remediation.

Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC) support
Los Alamos National Security, LLC (the Lab’s managing organization) provided funding for PEEC’s annual Earth Day event where participants were able learn about Earth-friendly products and practices. The Lab was there too, sharing the  current site sustainability plan.

Hear from employees regarding their environmental commitment  

Earth Day Every Day, Los Alamos National Laboratory

See how LANL workers treat every day as Earth Day

To hear and see how Lab employees help protect the environment at work and home, watch this 3.5 minute video.

Learn more about the Lab’s environmental stewardship efforts.

For more information on the Pajarito Environmental Education Center, go to http://www.pajaritoeec.org/.