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Innovation Celebration showcases economic development in Northern New Mexico

Ten local businesses honored at the event.
May 1, 2013
Chantal Lau of PediBioMetrix, LLC was one of those recogned at the Innovation Celebration

Chantal Lau of PediBioMetrix, LLC was one of those recognized at the Innovation Celebration.


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Last month 10 New Mexico businesses were recognized during the 12th annual Innovation Celebration in Albuquerque. The companies highlighted are involved in everything from helping with premature infants’ feeding difficulties to separating water from natural gas pumped from wells. They all received help from the New Mexico Small Business Assistance program (NMSBA) to advance their economic growth.

The NMSBA program was created in 2000 by the New Mexico State Legislature to bring national laboratory expertise to small businesses in New Mexico. The program, which is jointly operated by Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories, assisted 347 small businesses in 27 New Mexico counties in 2012 alone.

This year’s event was held in conjunction with the Technology Venture Corporation’s Deal Stream Summit to leverage the resources of the participating organizations. More than 230 people attended the event that is intended to facilitate private investment partnerships between emerging technologies within the Lab, start-ups and innovators. The celebration recognized the work of the NMSBA program and some of its outstanding clients.

  • Members of the Coalition of Renewable Energy Landowner Associations in eastern New Mexico received help to explore the renewable energy potential of their land.
  • Inspyrd Products Corp. used help to improve the Tube-B-Gone, a device that retrieves up to 50 feet of oxygen tubing and eliminates tripping hazards.
  • MuleShoe Engineering designed a device that can separate natural gas from the water pumped out of natural gas wells. Simulations helped provide insights into the physics of how the device works.
  • Kids Hardware Kompany discovered that its childrens’ shoehorns could be a choking hazard. A small team  investigated safer design options and prototypes using 3D printing.
  • PediBioMetrix, LLC used help to develop devices/interventions to help solve feeding difficulties of premature infants. Engineers helped identify low-cost, high-reliability sensors to document the infants' sucking, swallowing and breathing events.
  • Impurities in clay were preventing printing and interrupting the workshops on unique monoprinting methods taught by Squlptures. Research led to recommendations to allow the company to print and teach without interruption.
  • Atmocean and Reytek developed a wave-driven pump system that converts wave power into electricity. A modeling-systems expert helped the companies assess the feasibility of its offshore arrays of wave-driven pistons. This NMSBA project received the Honorable Speaker Ben Lujan Business Excellence Award for having the greatest business development growth resulting from the technical assistance.

In addition, three companies received assistance from other New Mexico research partners through contracts with NMSBA: RockSmith Precision Machining, Inc.; Remote Well Solutions, LLC; and Heelstone Proprietary, LLC/Enchantment Organics.

To learn more about the NMSBA, go to http://www.nmsbaprogram.org/.