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Rep. Salazar recognized by Lab

Honored for 63 years of exceptional service.
March 1, 2013
LANL Executive Director Richard Marquez with State Rep. Nick Salazar

Laboratory Director Charlie McMillan with state Rep. Nick Salazar.


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First-ever Legislative Update Breakfast celebrates Salazar's many years of dedicated performance and advocacy for regional education system and Lab cleanup activities among many other concerns.

During Los Alamos National Laboratory’s first-ever Legislative Update Breakfast last month, state Rep. Nick Salazar was recognized for his years of service in the New Mexico Legislature and his 63 years as a Laboratory employee. 

“Because of the impact we have on Northern New Mexico,” said Laboratory Executive Director Rich Marquez, “we have looked to a Roundhouse expert over the years for advice on how to be a better corporate citizen. Nick has been a tireless advocate for getting Los Alamos to apply our tremendous intellectual capacity into the regional educational system. He championed efforts to increase Laboratory cleanup activities and worked with the federal government to boost our funding.”

Elected and appointed officials from the state legislature, Los Alamos County, the New Mexico Environment Department and the Northern New Mexico Citizens Advisory Board attended the breakfast.

The event featured an update on the Lab’s environmental cleanup, protection and sustainability efforts presented by Jeff Mousseau, Environmental Programs associate director and Pete Maggiore, assistant director for environmental programs for National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) Los Alamos field office.

Maggiore said the idea for a legislative update breakfast came from George Rael, assistant manager for national security missions at NNSA in Los Alamos. “The event came about in terrific collaborative style, with many people pitching in to make it successful,” said Maggiore. “We could not have asked for a better event.”