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Liquid Logic: New Microfluidics Technology

New ways of making and using microfluidic devices to streamline experimental science.
May 1, 2017
Customizable microfluidic devices

Customizable microfluidic devices can incorporate pumps, valves, mixers, and other components. Mass production is fast and affordable enough to support many specialized one-time-use applications, from biomedicine to national security.

“We are creating a suite of technologies that isn’t limited to biology or engineering. It’s for chemistry, it’s for physics, it’s for materials science.” - Pulak Nath, Los Alamos scientist

Modern technology has benefited tremendously from innovations rooted in miniaturization. Microfluidics, the control and manipulation of small volumes of fluids within specialized devices, is fundamentally changing how experimental science is done. Entire laboratories are now being miniaturized and integrated onto bench-top or hand-held microfluidic devices—with the cost, space, and time it takes to conduct certain types of experiments cut to a fraction of what they once were. Scientists at Los Alamos are working on both the science and the technology of microfluidics, developing new methods of manufacturing microfluidic devices, adapting old protocols to new platforms, and generally pioneering new ways of doing things.