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Driving Sustainability

From sustainably sourced materials to automated vehicles, transportation technology is on the road to an ecofriendly future.
December 1, 2016
Future cars receiving radio signals from traffic lights as they wait at an intersection of a futuristic town full of green trees

In the future, our system of transportation will be quite different: Cars will look different, fuels will be different, and passengers will greatly outnumber drivers.

Truly sustainable transportation will require a complete paradigm shift, involving changes in behavior for individuals, families, and cities.

Limited natural resources and environmental pollution are just two of the numerous reasons why our present system of transportation needs to go green. Scientists across Los Alamos National Laboratory are participating in several collaborations and national consortia to build inroads toward a more sustainable system of transportation. From vehicle lightweighting to alternate fuels, from hydrogen fuel cells to unmanned vehicles, all avenues are being explored. The future of driving depends on improving the economic and ecological impact of how we build and drive our cars.

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