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Safety in Numbers

Los Alamos’s uncrackable quantum encryption technology uses random numbers that really are random.
May 1, 2015
Safety in Numbers

Los Alamos secure-encryption technology is being deployed to commercial applications.

QKarD will bring with it a much-needed, renewed confidence
 in information security, with high-throughput encryption that is unbreakable by any current or future cryptographic methods.

After 18 years of development, the 
Los Alamos advanced encryption technology QKarD (a smart card based on Quantum Key Distribution) is headed to market in the largest information technology agreement ever signed by the Laboratory. While conventional encryption methods rely on the difficulty—not impossibility—of cracking a code to steal information, QKarD employs an encryption system based on the inherently random quantum mechanical properties of light that is completely secure against any known or foreseeable methods of code cracking.