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Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Searching for the elusive neutron electric dipole moment
May 1, 2015
Physics Beyond the Standard Model

Los Alamos physicists are testing one theory that could explain how all the matter in the universe today survived annihilation by antimatter in the very early universe.

Because antimatter annihilates matter, these words you are reading, the clothes on your body, and your body itself are all evidence of there being more matter than antimatter in the universe.

The Standard Model of particle physics describes all the elementary particles and their interactions. It predicts that certain attributes of particles and their corresponding antiparticles will be highly symmetric. The small amount of asymmetry that is allowed by the Standard Model is not enough to explain how enough matter to create the entire universe was able to survive annihilation by antimatter during the first moments after the Big Bang. But a neutron electric dipole moment, if proven to exist, might provide the missing explanation.