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Perovskite Power

A breakthrough in the production of extremely low-cost solar cells may finally make possible cheap, abundant solar power for everyone.
June 26, 2015
Perovskite Power

Sunlight is abundant beyond the energy needs of the entire human race. And its collection by solar cells may have just gotten economical as well.

“Silicon solar cells are still the gold standard. They’re reliable and efficient, and they’ve been thoroughly demonstrated in the field,” says Los Alamos materials scientist Aditya Mohite. “But I think we can 
do better.”

A new class of solar-harvesting materials emerged a few years ago and has been improving with surprising speed since then. Known as perovskites, they can form crystalline solar cells that are easy to work with, easy to adjust for improved performance, and very easy
 to afford. And in recent experiments, Los Alamos had produced perovskite crystals that exhibit solar conversion efficiencies comparable to those of silicon, the current gold standard.